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  1. I download a map off fewgoodmen. i'm trying to active it i have the z folder so where do i put the maps off the website
  2. thank you for helping me though the steps and everything else you guys have been a great help me through all my proubles with this
  3. it not blocked anymore but my purchase has failed though
  4. i don't know why my account is for. i just bought combat mission BFN then went to the area where you sign in then i clicked login after that it said your account is temporary blocked.
  5. i have a question about making maps for quick battle. Is it possible to save a map that i made in editor to be use for quick battle.
  6. i was looking at the editor. i noticed that for Syrian unconventional forced that there was 2 combatant and fighter then i went to quick battle and there is only inf only why cant i use technical and the rest of the vehicles they have.
  7. i made a custom battle with aircraft. I heard it coming in but i didn't see it.
  8. i was playing scenario editor is there any way to make fog of war.
  9. also how to use the upgrade command combine squad thanks
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