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  1. Sad to say I've already tried that and there don't seem to be any updates for my chip set. Oh well, I've been planing on upgrading to a dedicated gaming PC anyways.
  2. Just tired BS and i got the same thing.
  3. Manufacturer: Dell Model: Inspiron Processor: Intel I7 RAM: 8.00GB (7.88GB usable) GPU: Intel HD 4000 Graphics And just to be on the safe side i'll give one of the other games a try.
  4. How y'all doing? So to make a long story short. I've been following the CM series by way of YouTube and i though i'ed give the demo for Normandy a try. Thing is though, when i hit launch it'll work for a few seconds before it throws up a "CM battle for Normandy Demo.exe has stopped working" message and crash to desktop. Any idea of what's going here?
  5. All i'm gonna say on the matter as a new guy, is that I think if CM had multiplayer setup like the one seen in the Men of War series, the level of fun would go through the damn roof! I mean could you imagine just how epic it could be!?
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