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  1. bonjour alex

    give me your mail and i send you (25.2 Mo)

    1. AlexUK




      Le voilà:


    2. AlexUK


      J'attends l'ambiance normande avec plaisir. 

    3. Falaise


      mail send

      good weekend Alex

  2. Bonjour RH
    I replayed the "You enter in germany"  with is beautiful map
    the 88 gun has no ammunition! as soon as it appears the truck next to it is destroyed
    there are none in the ammo dump either
    is that normal ?
    1. RockinHarry


      Bonjour mon amis. Thanks for trying and some feedback. :)

      Yes that single 88mm is more of a "flavor" unit. Left behind after long retreat from France and getting stuck for lack of fuel (and ammo). Ammo dump... you mean the crate flavor objects?


      The 88 crew makes for a nice "extra" squad of LowQ infantry when bailed. ;) Consider these as stragglers to be put into the line by local commander as emergency measure.

      Did you try the associated mod pack btw?

      Think hardly a handfull of players ever tried this mission or did a second playthrough attempt. The mission quite clearly is of the "puzzle" type with the single AI plan beeing quite complex and worked out thoroughly. From multiple playthroughs I know one can pull off at least a tactical german victory quite frequently. But.... without telling too much, it requires an "active" german defense early on (the means are there!). This to gain time for the later counter attack which got to be executed in no hesitant ways either.

      Edit: V4 introduced (or made it more serious) the mortar penetrate pillbox bug. You¬īd like noticed it? With the AIP¬īs obsession of engaging pillboxes with everything at hand, this mission became almost unplayable.

  3. Hi square head, I see that it has been a long time since you came here, I hope you are well and your loved ones too;
    Shake when you return

  4. attribute to the leibstandarte and not the das reich !!!


  5. 200417123417143413.jpg200417123423419568.jpg200417123347921183.jpg

    As I promised you here is another example of painting.
     Here the front hatch of a PZIV. I also put the back or you can discover the gray panzer and also the shade of green which quickly passes to the light, it is here preserved in its original shade.
    This hatch belonged to pzIV 743 attributed to the Das Reich destroyed in Saint Lambert sur dive on the night of August 20-21.
    Major Currie who won there the Victoria Cross talks about its destruction.
    On the night of August 20 to 21, 44, he heard a vehicle coming from his own lines which passed by him on the main street of Saint Lambert. In the dark night he does not identify it, then the vehicle passes next to a burning Sherman, to his amazement he discovers a German tank loaded with infantry. A split second later on the 17 pound of an ATG ends its run. I found this hatch in 2013 in the reconstructed house where it was destroyed.

    cordialement Stéphane

  6. hello umlaut
    this message just to thank you for your wonderful
    CMRT Force Specific Backgrounds
    I just bought CMRT and start to equip it
    I will also probably charge your super Nashorn
    thanks again good job

  7. here is the pictures
    the panther wheel comes from Damblainville (12th SS) the stug wheel center, from Montabard (9th SS)
    finally sdkfz 250 wheel nut and skkfz 251 hatch from Saint Lambert on Dive (it can be any unit)
    the last ones are particularly interesting for you because the paint has not changed color over time
    you can also see the red rust protection on the nuts


    I put a white sheet or my car !!! it's gray today
    I hope it will help
    I will send you others on occasion
    but I took the most accessible

    salut Stéphane

    1. Sgt.Squarehead


      Many thanks, those are great images.....Interesting to see the different primers used on various items. 


  8. I have some pieces armor in my bazaar
    panther and pz 4
    if you are patient, (and don't hesitate to call me back because I will forget) I will make you photos with a white reference sheet

    1. Sgt.Squarehead


      Cheers fella, much appreciated. 

  9. 190507090617285996.jpg

    Hier ist endlich die definitive Museographie, die an der Gedenkstätte installiert wurde.
    Links der Satz von Rommel
    Nochmals vielen Dank !
    Ich hoffe, Sie bald in der Normandie zu sehen
    Mit freundlichen Gr√ľ√üen St√©phane

    Ps: the private message space does not work !!!

    1. RockinHarry


      your welcome and glad I could be of help you now having the original quote! :)

      Also would love to see nice normandy and your museum anytime in the future! Got to check PN now. Maybe my inbox is full.

      cheers, Harry

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