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  1. Playing as the Axis in a standard 1939 campaign - no modifications I took Moscow. Russia did not surrender and the Russian capital moved to Sverdlosk I took Sverdlosk. Russia did not surrender and the Russian capital moved to Novosibrisk I took Novosibrisk. Russia did not surrender but the Russian capital disappeared and the Russian flag is not displayed on any city on the map. Novosibrisk now displays a German flag exactly the same as the one flying over Berlin. It is now two turns past that event and Russia is still fighting. How do I get Russia to surrender?
  2. Not a modded campaign - I only got the game for Christmas and still working through the standard campaigns. Not going to fret about it but FWIW the Arizona turned up in a later battle. File the whole adventure under "Isn't that curious" and move on ...
  3. But wait a minute ... I recall doing a DOW in previous games and then my carriers could hammer the US ships in PH on the same turn (kinda like real life). This is confusing. When exactly are the US ships supposed to appear? Surely it should be immediately after the DOW
  4. Yeah. I did a DOW on the USA, then in the same turn used my CV to destroy the air unit in Honolulu followed by the Japanese Marines taking the undefended town. I guess by the time the reinforcement phase rolled around the locals were already too subdued to allow the US battlewagons into town. That's an unplanned and (probably) unfair victory for me, but I'll take it
  5. While playing as the Axis in the 1939 scenario I dispatched a land unit to invade Hawaii. I declared war in September 1941 but the US Pacific fleet didn't appear. The single air unit in Hawaii was quickly killed by my carriers and I easily took Honolulu. So where are the US battlewagons that should be there? They don't appear in the Losses table. The West Coast has the Nevada (aha!) and the Idaho and the East Coast has the Washington and the North Carolina. It's now Feb 1942. Where are the other battleships?
  6. Its a PDF in the game directory. It would have been cool to have a link on the splash screen when the game starts or even a CD insert with this information.
  7. I'm playing as the allies on default difficulty settings and I suspect that the game cheats. Some examples are: * Japanese infantry doing amphibious assaults then attacking twice. * Units disappearing from Taipei and then reappearing on the Chinese mainland - I've tried doing operational movement from there and the game won't allow it for me. * German economy showing saved MPP of 890 in mid-41 despite having a mega army deployed on USSR borders and also doing well on the research front (+2 subs and aircraft). I don't mind if it cheats for play balance as long as I know it's happening. Unfortunately the Axis AI turn moves so fast that it's difficult to see all of these things in detail and find a smoking gun.
  8. I'm playing on default difficulty settings and I can't figure out how to reduce Foochow. I send in multiple BB and CV (set to Naval/Tactical) to soften it up then follow up with 3 Armies (all with +2 Inf weapons) but it sits there grinning at me still on a strength of 10. The only result I get is a message telling me that China has lost MPP. I've seen this in multiple games. Then I had a similar problem against the corp sitting in London. Three +2 Panzer armies and two +1 Infantry Armies couldn't make a dent in it. I tried for three turns and the only point I took off that corp came from a bomber striking from across the Channel. Then Russia invaded so I figured that game was kaputski. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I helped my young children buy me SC Global as a Christmas present and paid top dollar to get the whole kit sent to Australia. Since my kids received the package and wrapped the present I didn't see the contents until Christmas morning when I unwrapped it and discovered just a CD: * no printed manual * no manual on disk - just the game installer executable * no link to online manual I'm slightly peeved (to put it mildly) So where is the Friendly Manual? /Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... eyhaft
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