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  1. thanks for the reply, will take note and instead try creating a single scenario using one of the concepts ive listed.
  2. hello, in the excitement for CMSF2 I've been planning out a campaign that I wish to create for the game when it comes out. I've never made a mission in CM before, so I was wondering how much of a task I have set myself in for. my general concept is this. You play as D Coy from 3rd Bat PPCLI 1st mission: air assault into Syrian positions, conduct raids on C2 nodes (coy mission) 2nd mission: hasty defence against enemy mechanized infantry bat with artillery support (coy mission) 3rd mission: JTAC (if someone could enlighten me with what the canadians call their air controllers would be handy) with 2x on call F/18 hornets find OP call in strikes on remnants of retreating mech inf bat (section + mission) 4th mission: 41 PLT conduct BDA after airstrikes, touch objectives on enemy CP vehicles and heavy armour wrecks (plt mission) I'm not entirely sure how possible my ideas are within the CM2 engine, and if possible, is there some sort of mission making guide? I have scoured the forums but didn't find anything. thanks!
  3. i have my 3 module bundle and my og copy of CMSF1 on two different emails/accounts, will this affect me getting the upgrade discount or do i just need to have access to the license keys and the accounts do not matter?
  4. thanks for the response, yes i would love to see the disposable launchers modelled on the soldiers! it was in CMBS and i found it very useful unlike in CMSF1 where you have to hover over your unit to see which one has it etc, it would be ashame if it wasnt in the game. loving the aar btw did basically everyone have a LAW (if possible)? including ARs, 2ic and section lead? in CMSF1 theres only two per section, and I thought personally that was a bit low. seems like it should be 4-6 at least.
  5. quick questions about the game if you have the time to answer! do the LAT models show up on the back of the soldier now? (AT4 M72 LAW etc) does night vision also appear on the unit model? also shouldnt that C9 have a C79 scope? Thanks!
  6. can you do 3 colour dcu woodland mixed US infantry?
  7. hey, i would really like to try this out too, would it be possible to get a test copy? thanks
  8. ok so what if im playing against someone, and i can clearly see their AOA even if i was put into the soldiers shoes, but they spam smoke so i cannot fire into their position. this doesnt make any sense to me, give the player the option to fire through smoke if he wants. I dont like this change at all or how about when a unit throws smoke infront of the building theyre in, why can i not decide to destroy their position because the smoke "forcefield" is in the way?
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