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  1. All of my currently installed titles (BN, RT, FB, FI, and BS) are crashing after 45-75 minutes of gameplay. They have been crashing for a year now. I've just spent the last 2 days designing a large map. The crash only happens in 3D mode. So in this case the crash was happening as I previewed the 3D terrain. Map was mostly finished and took it for a test quick battle. Crashed before I could finish the battle which is sad because it was very bloody. I just found this post. I'll try shutting off shaders and installing the advanced war movie mod thingy.
  2. Huh? This makes no sense. How did you jump to the conclusion that I was angry with you or anyone else? Sarcasm doesn't = anger. It means I'm tired of waiting for news from you guys and tired of waiting for new products to buy and I was tired of waiting over a year ago. How did you decide that me and everyone else wants dates? I don't give a damn about dates. Developers can keep customers in the loop by simply letting us know what they're doing. Are you excited about something you're making? Sweet! Maybe tell us about it so we can be excited with you. Or just keep doing what you're do
  3. You know what? You're right. I am terribly sorry I inconvenienced you and your company in my excitement to exchange paper for a digital product. I'll check back in a year and maybe there'll actually be something to buy on here that I don't already own. I'll go ahead and pester some other unfortunate company with my wallet. Thanks.
  4. Where is the game? They announced it would be in the store "no later than the end of July". Well it's August now and I still haven't been allowed to spend any money here for over a year.
  5. The only persistent campaigns I know about are the colored flag ones. F-14 is announced and being worked on as we speak. Mi-24 should come out later this year. I agree the missions are kinda crap though. If DCS could implement the new dynamic campaign system that IL-2 has the game would be nearly perfect. I want all the things you want and some day we'll get it.
  6. I have nearly every module in DCS. My favorite was the F-5e not just because it was detailed but because it wasn't complicated. It made getting into the sim very easy. I preordered the F-18 and beyond impressed with it. I will also preorder the F-14, Mi-24, F-4, and F-16 too. The tanks part isn't anymore embarrassing than the tanks part in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of (series). It's just an afterthought. But much like the tanks mode in War Thunder, they'll eventually be fully fleshed out parts of the game. As much as already been announced for IL-2 which will see not only the Flying Circus
  7. Yep. It's actually already gone. You can only buy an upgrade from the retail version and none of the modules are being sold anymore so I can't complete my Shockforce collection in order to get the new modules discounted. I dunno why I didn't have these modules in the first place. Maybe they were on an old account. Maybe Afghanistan or something was already out by the time I bought some of the older games I had skipped. Dunno.
  8. I have literally all of those games. I want to give Battlefront money though.
  9. If I only own CMSF1 and none of the extra modules (can't find them in my account! don't know if I bought them on a different account I don't know about or what is going on there) would it be prudent for me to buy the extra modules in order to upgrade everything for the $35?
  10. Battlefront hasn't released a single damn thing in over 13 months. Getting really sick and tired of waiting. I buy everything this company makes but the absolutely anemic nature of any form of update, patch, new content, or new game is really getting on my goddamn nerves. How long does it take to reuse old assets and shovel out a new game? Farming really? Men of your talent? I've been checking the stupid website for a single freaking announcement every single week for over a year now. Why the fk do I have to beg you to give me something to spend money on? Why do you make it so
  11. Wat? The interest overlap is that it's a Combat Mission title by Battlefront. You release all the things and I buy all the things. I SAID ALL OF THEM.
  12. I've been checking the website once a week every week since June hoping something new comes out so I can buy it. Would prefer and expansion on RT with some SU-100s or extend the campaign into 43 and 45 but would honestly take anything at this point including africa or early war stuff. Anything at all for me to spend my money on. Bueller?
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