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  1. You do realise you have destroyed the British Army from within; Sgt: "Perkins what the hell are you doing? You were supposed to be on patrol 10 minutes ago!" Perkins: "Err yep.... be right with you sarge... just got to split off this scout team, give them a hunt command" Sgt: "Perkins get your backside in gear!" Perkins: "Yep yep, just calculating the turn.... just got to quickly watch this replay" Sgt: 'PERKINNNNSS!" Seriously though, really interesting to see this. Well done.
  2. Ha love it, a great idea to get our attention. I am now invested in my small kampfgruppe - charge them forwards to crush the red savages! Fast moves to Jagermeister all round!! Err on second thoughts I've just remembered that never works....so umm...yep, just keeping them in reserve for now is probably a better idea. 😜
  3. Ha, but my tanks don't fire their guns! The video clips above are from the that AAR.
  4. Ha, I've been away for a while and I need the practice before I release another AAR 👍
  5. Perhaps, here's a vid showing the T34's turret and what it's tracking; https://youtu.be/VZmwNS9bdY0
  6. Thanks @MOS:96B2P, you have eagle eyes! Yes, however the commander only changes from Spotting to Aiming once a second Panther comes into view to the left of the first one. It's this second Panther that he is aiming and preparing to fire at, not the first one which he can already supposedly see. It's hard to tell from the angle of the video, but the T34's turret never points towards the first Panther which is spotted from the start of the turn, but it does point towards the second Panther moving up the hill.
  7. @Bulletpoint, ok great, then it does look like 'a thing'. The only thing I noticed although I have no idea if it's connected is that the T34 in the original replay went from Ok to Cautious to Nervous due to one of it's other platoon members being destroyed by the Panther. (This didn't happen in the replay where the target command was used because the Panther was destroyed by the T34 before it could take out the other platoon member.) So one thing to rule out (or in) would be if this something that is seen more often in units that are going through morale state transitions that turn.
  8. This thread and @Bulletpoint's topic has struck a chord with something I witnessed recently in the Red Thunder scenario 'Getting Ugly'. As is usually my style I explain it best in a vid; https://youtu.be/IpgBxu8xhkE To me it seems like there is an issue unless someone is able to offer an alternative plausible explanation. Cheers.
  9. Welcome back to the game. Split your squads into fireteams and scout teams. Use the scouts to find the enemy locations. Basically they'll get shot at and hopefully you'll gain a contact location when that happens. Amass firepower on the enemy locations as quickly as possible. Engagements are won by the side that can bring the largest amount of firepower to bear quicker than the other side can both in terms of volume and caliber. Get to know the terrain. Each type of terrain has advantages for some units and disadvantages for others. Locate areas which give good cover & concealment and offer good lines of site towards the enemy. These areas can be considered key terrain. Be patient! It's easy to get carried away in the moment to try and build on a gain, but there will be another enemy nearby that you haven't seen yet who will make you pay for being too hasty.
  10. @MOS:96B2P & @Sgt.Squarehead I don't frequent this thread very much as I don't play SF2. All the images in the vid are from the demo. However looking at the content you guys are uploading, I can't help think that this track would have worked great with a vid for that. Not sure you would agree though Sgt 😉
  11. Cheers bud. It's a nice idea but I've got to be careful with that. Each vid I make with a soundtrack from a well know artist already flags as a copyright claim. That's no big deal as the owners of the rights can either monetise or ban the vid in some countries. Sometimes they do nothing and I've had all 3 outcomes. With this vid though I've also copied the style of the music video and if it was used to advertise a product I could end up with a copyright strike which is a bit more serious. It's why this vid is unlisted on my YT channel so that it can only be seen by clicking the link here and over at the FGM.
  12. The other day I heard the Beastie Boys' track Sabotage which I haven't heard for years and I thought to myself 'that would be a good accompanying track to a Shock Force 2 montage'. So I took some inspiration from the track's video and put this together. See what you think.
  13. @Howler thanks, this is a good example of one of those times when having squads or sections split all the time may not be the most beneficial setup for the situation. By recombining the 2 detachments you averaged out their morale states which allowed the unit to stay in the fight and prevent this flank from failing.
  14. @Aurelius I had been mulling over doing a video which tackles this topic. My findings in tests I have run on my own small map agree with yours. This has changed my play style in that provided I have enough time I will always try and get contact information to my tank crews as it greatly increases their chances of getting that crucial first round hit. Sometimes I have found this difficult to do and I've had an infantry unit with the contact information next to my unbuttoned tank but it has not been passed on. I have gotten around this by dismounting the crew and then re-crewing the tank which seems a bit rubbish to me. I wonder if it has something to do with the engine noise and by getting the tank to 'Hide' the info is passed on quicker?!
  15. The suppression meter is relative. This can be seen in units with high and low leadership values (all other factors being equal). The higher leadership unit will reduce the suppression meter level quicker than the lower leadership one for the same amount of incoming Firepower. Also sustaining a casualty will cause the suppression meter to spike to simulate the immediate shock of 'man down!'
  16. Just quickly going back to the point about the suppression indicator being objective or subjective... from my post ' The Relationship between Soft Factors, Moral and Fatigue' "The Suppression Indicator is not merely a measure of incoming fire, more accurately it represents the units perception as to how much danger it is in based on the incoming Firepower, the immediate casualties sustained, and the Experience, Leadership & Motivation of the unit."
  17. Thanks for the extra suggestions, it's much appreciated. My next movie will be with Vegas Movie Studio as I'm getting along quite well with it. As with all these things it takes a while before it becomes intuitive, which is my main frustration with Movie Maker being unavailable as I could make vids without really having to think too much about the technical stuff due to using it regularly for the last 4 years. It's back to school for me.
  18. Thanks for your help gents. I have opted for Vegas Movie Studio after a suggestion from Usually Hapless, trialling it out seems like it will work for me along with Audacity for voice narration. Cheers.
  19. I'd like to ask some advice from my fellow video creators.So it appears as if Windows Movie Maker has been discontinued. This has been my go to video, text and narration editing program for all of my Combat Mission videos and I am struggling to find an adequate replacement.I have tried Shotcut but found it to be too clunky and I am now experimenting with Hitfilm Express which is better but still not ideal as text editing is cumbersome and there is no narration recording software included (unlike Windows Movie Maker).Is anyone aware of an accessible editing program which ideally has narration recording built in. I don't mind spending money on one but I don't want to waste my time and money on something that doesn't work for me. If no such program exists then I can live with getting a separate recording program, however the video editor would at the very least need to make it simple to add in text where I wanted without having to create composite shots.Any help would be greatly appreciated.JW
  20. Yes that would tie in with what I have seen. I tested this with a Green crew and a Regular crew. The Green crew abandoned the gun more readily when 'Shaken' than the Regular crew which tended to stay on the gun.
  21. I've just run some tests in the editor and gun crews do behave slightly differently from infantry when suffering from Combat Shock and Combat Stress. The tests were done with small arms so as not to confuse the results seen with the HE bug. Typically infantry that is 'Rattled' will stay put unless they become 'Pinned' at which point they will auto evade. A static gun crew however will stay on their gun when 'Rattled & Pinned'. Gun crews do seem to abandon the gun sometimes in the 'Shaken' & 'Panic' states, however there were times during the tests when 'Shaken' crews do not abandon the gun, and 'Panic'ked crews attempt to relocate the gun. The reason as to why a crew will choose to remain on the gun as opposed to abandoning it is not yet understood. I think it is too early to say it is a bug, it could just be a mechanic that is not yet well understood.
  22. @Swervin11b a unit cannot become 'Broken' by suppression alone even if it was 'Pinned' for 20 minutes. If you can answer these questions we can build a better picture to answer your question; 1. Was the crew in some sort of fortification e.g. foxhole, sandbags? 2. What were the crews Experience, Leadership & Motivation? 3. What was the morale state of the crew when 'Pinned'? 4. Did the gun crew suffer any casualties or did one of the other crews in their section/platoon suffer casualties?
  23. No, the impact on morale from casualties (Combat Stress) for a platoon losing all 4 members of its HQ team is the same as if it lost 4 junior members from from one of the platoon's rifle squads. The only difference would be is, if that HQ unit was providing a buffer against Combat Shock (the effect of suppression on the morale of a unit) immediately prior to being wiped out, then the impact would be greater for those squads that were within it's C2 and under fire as that buffer would now be gone.
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