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  1. I really like this and will definitely implement these rules into my play style, I really like the C2 system but it does require restraint on the part of the player to get the most out of it. On the modern battlefield, how difficult is it to pass information horizontally? As in from an infantry platoon to a tank platoon, does the information have to go all the way up to Btn and then trickle down or are Pltn and Company command equipped with the means to easily contact them directly without having to send a messenger to physically deliver the information?
  2. Thanks a bunch for the information, I definitely plan on getting the British forces module in the future. I'm also looking at picking up Tac Ops 4, it looks really good, have any of you played it? If so, what do you think of it?
  3. I just bought the base game + marines bundle and have been really enjoying it, this is the first serious wargame I've played and learning it has been a ton of fun. I only started learning about tactics recently and most of what I know is very basic small unit tactics, so learning about combined arms through the scenarios in the game has been really engaging and difficult, but very fun. I was curious if there are any chatrooms that can be used to talk about Combat Mission or ask for advice, a lot of times it will take me playing a scenario several times before I figure out a viable and realisti
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