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  1. With all the American airborne stuck in the RDF during this time I imagine that we may have to wait for a Middle East module before we see that.
  2. It would make it way easier to download updates. Even with the full installer I tend to cock up the install.
  3. Not sure if this is from a Reforger exercise, but apparently the Canadians had this modified version of the FAL for SAW purposes back in these days. Thing looked pretty weird...
  4. Come to think of it, the Iran-Iraq war would be a cool module too, but the thing went on for so damn long I imagine the TOE would be a nightmare.
  5. Very interesting, as you can probably tell I’m far from an expert when it comes to camouflage.
  6. I suppose you’re right, although from the looks of it they already have BDU in for the later scenarios.
  7. Shame, I was hopping to be able to have some mixed desert/bdu units for an early 80s Iran crisis some game. Figured if the Bradley got in this might too, hopefully we may see it in a future module or something. US troops in Egypt on exercise were supposedly issued it in 1981 after all and I imagine they would have been able to issue it quicker had a crisis been brewing in the Gulf...
  8. Seeing as this game seems to indulge our desires for desert combat, I’m hoping that we get some cool desert infantry camo for the US troepies. If it’s not in already I hope they add it.
  9. I’m just hoping the tradition of adding the Canadians to these games continues, not many games let me play as them.
  10. That’s good to hear! Thanks for clearing everything up.
  11. Cool, glad to hear it. As most of my knowledge of the Bradley comes from the movie ‘Pentagon Wars’ I have to ask, will we have to split sections up to fit them in the vehicle? I hear they were designed a bit strange lol
  12. So I’ve seen some people on this forum referring to the ‘79 scenario as the ‘pre-Abrams/Bradley era,’ which seems to imply that Bradleys will be available come 1982. However, upon doing some research it seems that the Bradley was only issued to combat units in March 1983. Does anyone know if this is correct? Were Bradleys in Germany during this game’s timeframe?
  13. Hopefully when the West Germans are eventually added we'll also get the CAF. Cold War Germany has so many options for interesting TOEs.
  14. Spot on. It is the first time I’ve run it on this computer. It has an Intel Core i7.
  15. I recently installed CMFI using the full installer and have stumbled upon a strange glitch. All the letters throughout the game seem to be strangely digitized. I had a slight problem while downloading, apparently a source file couldn't be read, but I couldn't find anything about it online and decided to risk it and ignore. Everything in game seems to be working perfectly except for the lettering. Does anyone know how to fix this? It makes it difficult to read the mission briefings. Thanks
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