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    sid_burn reacted to Rinaldi in That's gonna be a Yikes from me friendo.   
    Last night I got real high and overate. I'm a pretty active guy who typically burns 5000-6000, so when I overeat it can be pretty horrifying.
    This morning my toilet paid for it. The instant I sat down the floodgates flew open; it was like a goddamned mountain of poo(or a "CringeAnarchy", to use the scientific term) was flowing out from my butthole. I eat a lot of fiber so it came out quick and easy, but goddamn there was a lot of it.
    "Y I K E S" my toilet exclaimed, and who could blame it? It was designed for waste removal, but I mean come on. There have to be limits, right? It can't possibly be okay to just abuse an innocent toilet like 
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