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  1. Thanks for the feedback folks! I am glad this is something others have seen and is being looked into. @Howler >> QB crashes vary depending on which modules you own. This should be fixed in the forthcoming patch. Excellent! Can you tell me - is there a place I can join an existing discussion on this to contribute my test results?
  2. Hi Folks! I love CMSF2! Many thanks to all at BF for creating such a splendid game! I have CMSF2 with no add-ons and experience crashes with Quick Battles every time I set the "Unit Purchase" to "automatic" regardless of what "combat force" is chosen for either army. Once OK is clicked the PC sits there for a while looking busy but nothing ever happens and eventually a crash occurs with no message - the program just closes. This feels a lot like what happened when certain combinations were chosen with CM Battle for Normandy - as I recall it was because sometimes things (veh
  3. Thanks again for the information! In my two examples (where the rounds kept coming in for as much as 1 minute 52 seconds after requesting check fire) there was no acknowledgement from the mortar folks of the FO having requested fire to be checked - is this what would really happen? I'm just trying to determine if there was a problem (the report of which may help the developers) with the program or if all is well. If all the rounds were already in the air then would the artillery unit say nothing at all if "check fire" was requested? Even if all the rounds were not in the
  4. Sorry - I can't see how to edit my post. I see an edit button now, but perhaps that is only if no-one has read the post? I have a correction to a typo... "...is this a conceivable amount of time?"
  5. Thanks for the additional information about mortars - much appreciated folks! The rounds continued to fall for 1 minute 52 seconds after my FO called "Check fire" and got no reply - is this a conceivable mount of time? And help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the information about mortars - much appreciated! I just started the scenario again as a test and it is indeed 120mm mortars - and once again I particularly noticed that the artillery unit did not acknowledge the request to cease firing, which is why I was asking, as I have never experienced this before. The rounds continued to fall for 1 minute 52 seconds after my FO called "Check fire" and got no reply. (Same as last night). In the end the artillery radioed: "End of mission - out." And help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi Folks! I've got several CM titles and love them. I've got CMSF and have been very excited about CMSF2 - and tried the demo last night. It was a training scenario where US forces had 4 Strykers as I recall and had to take an objective while leaving the mosque undamaged if possible (I am just describing the scenario from memory in order to give as much data as possible). Anyway - it was great! I only have one puzzle. I am not sure if this has been around for a while or if it is a new feature, but something happened which I have never experienced before in any CM title. Apo
  8. Hi Folks! I just bought Combat Mission Touch from Google Play for use with Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I am new to the world of tablets - can anyone tell me the official line on whether this app works with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A? So far its performance has been puzzling. When the app is launched the screen is filled with a still graphic of WW2 action and rousing music plays in the background. I would imagine at this point that either: a ) Something is loading or b ) A menu is supposed to display over the graphic - but there is nothing else on the screen and tou
  9. Hi IanL: Thanks for your reply - it would be nice if the code for CMBN QB automatic selection could be improved based on newer versions which are, as you have described, better.
  10. Excellent - I'll try it then. And if the enemy are more inclined to run away that's OK as I need all the help I can get.
  11. Hi BP: Thanks for your reply. I've had an inordinate run of luck it would seem as I've had dozens of compelling battles, with only a small number which had either no forces at all or very poorly placed or selected forces. I'm having a marvelous time with the program, but the session which contained no enemy was a big disappointment. The (not 'quick') battles have been great fun too and I can see that with careful design they have the potential to be a lot more challenging than QBs. I think one of the factors that has kept me happy with QBs is that the forces I choose are us
  12. Hi Schrullenhaft: Thanks for your reply. The defender in both cases was US infantry. >> You may want to select something in particular for the 'combat forces' rather than leaving it at 'auto' and see if that makes a difference. I've not seen this problem when the defender's units are chosen by the player. I seldom use this for, as far as I understand how CMBN works, it means the player has an exact order of battle for the enemy. I use the automatic selection of forces in almost every case as it is a compelling feature of the software. Most of the games I've
  13. Hi Folks: Can anyone help? I've got CMBN v 4 w no extras. Sometimes there's no enemy present in a Quick Battle. I've seen this twice - once with v 3.12 and once with v 4.00. On both occasions the enemy was the USA, but there's not enough data to know if that's any kind of pattern. Both times it was the defender who was not there. Both times the attacker and defender forces were chosen automatically. It's disappointing to spend 30 minutes slowly creeping up to a village only to find it, and the rest of the map, completely empty. The statistics at the end screen clearly
  14. Hi Steve: >> Upgrade 4 apparently fixed the core problem and so the Vehicle Pack is not needed for those with using Engine 4. Can you tell me if it is the case that the product 'CM Normandy - UPGRADE 4 (Windows)' will certainly fix this problem? If not, can you tell me if there is some other place I can look to find out if someone knows of a definitive answer to the question? As you can imagine, it's disappointing to find that features shown in the demo of CMBN don't actually work when you decide to buy the product. Regardless, I am such a fan of the game that I woul
  15. Thanks Ian - I've had a reply from a gentleman from the ticket system - I hope something can be done. If I have any breaking news I will be sure to pass it along!
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