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  1. I think there are some ideas there that CM could use. Brass Brigade (like all first person war shooters I've seen) lacks the essential element of teamwork, and soldiers and vehicles behaving even remotely realistically, which makes the whole thing into a silly arcade game. But imagine conducting a CM game and then being able to replay turns and go down to that level of detail, and have vehicles explode into pieces, and soldiers react appropriately when hit by various weapons, such as HE shells, sniper's rifles, or HMGs. No need for cartoonish buckets of blood, or the GI in the Normandy game sh
  2. No teasing about my name please. It was made up by my brother when we were kids, as the name of a character who was a test pilot in a comic book he was writing. And he wasn't even trying to think of a silly name. I found it funny then and have since...
  3. "In principle I think the principals of a firm should explain their game design principles." Exactly! A clever way to remember the correct use of those words.
  4. "Really? I haven't seen that but I'm fairly new here. However, I nearly always play CM as the Germans (not necessarily Nazis), so maybe that puts me in the frame 😉" I mostly play as the Germans too, cos it's more fun to play with cool equipment against superior numbers (although I recall a quote attributed to Stalin along the lines that "Quantity has a quality all of its own"), and I don't think that puts me or you in the frame of the Nazis I was referring to. I'm thinking of a tiny number of contributors who've said that because the Allies committed some atrocities that made them moral
  5. Don't want to seem like a grammar Nazi (or like the other sort of Nazi you come across occasionally on this site) but a mistake I often see on these pages is in the use of its and it's, even from very competent writers. A useful trick I learned is that it's is always short for it is or it has. So if you apply that rule to "it's becoming clear that..." you can see it works perfectly. But if you apply that rule to "there are problems with it's performance..." you can immediately see it doesn't work, and you should instead be using its.
  6. Yes, I agree that based on viewing youtube vids a lot of player spend almost all their time half-a kilometer up in the air, and play with objectives on, which totally spoils the game's delightful aesthetics, in my humble opinion...
  7. I'm shocked to hear you say most people play the game from high up in the air and rarely look at the game close-up and see its visual detail. To me Combat Mission's most appealing aspect is the ability to watch events unfold on a macro scale in WEGO, then repeat the go 1, 2, or 3 times and watch interesting events unfold from the perspective of single vehicles and even individual soldiers. For me that's the core of its uniqueness and charm.
  8. I used to play a lot of East Front 2 and recall a self-generating campaign mode, in which you could buy a core force (including yourself in a kubelwagen) and then you'd be plunged into a randomly-chosen battle, and given a few non-core forces to play with too, and you had to fight that battle. And the interesting thing was that sometimes you had to attack and the defending force would be too strong, and you had to realise that and mimimise your losses, and opt for a 'defeat', and then what was left of your core unit would be transported to the next randomly-chosen battle. Between battles you'd
  9. Excuse my woeful ignorance, but will Steam allow me to play live CM games against real opponents in real time, as if I had a hot-seat opponent in the same room with me? This would be a huge advance for players like me who'd love to play against a human opponent but lack the patience and technical smarts (or patience to learn the technical smarts) to master PBEM!
  10. Thanks for the extensive and polite response, which I've just found. I share the frustrations you list with the CM second generation games, but I don't see a viable competitor, perhaps because I don't play or investigate other games very much. Having said that, it was on an online games forum that I first heard about CM and its unique WEGO turn system, and I liked the concept so much I bought Beyond Normandy, more than 21 years ago, and I've been playing constantly since. So I'm not a newcomer to the game, I just don't post very often...
  11. I never noticed this before: note how the American hand grenades roll down the hill before exploding! Great, gripping vid.
  12. If you abandon CM where do you go instead? There seem to be some attractive, realistic macro-level strategy games on the market, but nothing I'm aware of compares to CM on the scale it operates in. It's like complaining that you're fed up with life. Sure, it's useful to vent sometimes, but in the end you have to enjoy what you've got! I'd like some bugs ironed out, additional functions like evolving careers across multiple battles, and more immersive graphics. But there's still plenty to enjoy in CM, now and into the future - and nowhere else to go unless you want to play a different sort of g
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