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  1. No. Very small battles just as likely to crash as larger ones.
  2. I've experienced crashes to desktop with CMFI, CMRT, and CMFB since February. (I always update my nVidia drivers whenever a new version is available so I have thus used multiple drivers since that time and none have fixed the issue). It's not severe -- I play turn-based and can sometimes go 50 or more turns without experiencing it. And though I try to save every couple of turns, the bug has an uncanny tendency to strike any time I get distracted and play 6 or 8 turns without saving). Really makes me wish CM had an auto-save. If there is anything at all consistent about the crashes
  3. I've been playing CMBN, CMFI, CMFB, and CMRT since last fall, v.4 for all, using Windows 10 and latest nVidia driver (391.35 / 3-27-18) and have recently begun experiencing crashes with CMRT. Had one quick battle crash multiple times. Had a three-hour stock scenario do fine for the first two hours, then crash (as I was trying to save!). I have no AV program other than Windows Defender.
  4. I'm experiencing the vehicle "jump" issue as well. And it's German tanks, not just Italians.
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