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  1. In a different virtual universe I am known as Mord, Mordran when I am in trouble...
  2. I'll preface this by saying I am, in no way, an expert nor student of historical infantry tactics. My understanding of evolving US tactics during WWII is, because the BAR was unsuited to prolonged suppressive fire; having no quick change barrel and a magazine that could only be changed by the gunner, US platoons would, when available, add a second BAR to its squads, and more often form two equal fire teams, in the mould of the modern fire team principle. Interestingly, in game, if you hit the 'combine squad' function on a US 2-BAR squad it will make 2 teams, each with a BAR, and the 'assault
  3. Well if it was a Bren it wouldn't have mattered even if they could see the enemy as they would only have fired single shots unless the enemy was within 150m... but on topic, MG's in buildings have been problematic for a long while - setup times are in the minutes and if they swap windows it seems they need to pack up and redeploy - taking minutes. I guess in some ways this reflects the necessity of having to make a firing position, but I would expect a crew in a building would organise alternative firing positions when they occupied the building. Perhaps the time to redeploy needs to be less
  4. The Bren had an effective range for automatic fire of 550 metres. Currently the in game Bren behaviour precludes players from using doctrinal tactics for Commonwealth infantry sections at ranges greater than 150m, as the Bren detachment can not perform its suppressing fire role to allow the riflemen to manoeuvre. Also, the Bren and the BAR are vastly different in capability and, particularly late in the war, method of employment. To model them the same way in game does neither justice... but the game continues to evolve!
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