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  1. Man some of these features are really cool, and I definitely would love to see them come to the commerical version. I would always try to include a munitions counter in my arma missions at the end screen, it was wild seeing just how many bullets/grenades/shells would be fired in a scenario. The other stuff, like a stitched together replay system would definitely also be appreciated. And multiple players per side - CM COOP has been a dream for my friends and I for years.
  2. Thanks for the response Steve, hopefully they get back to you and a deal can be made. I would love to see an updated version of CMA, it truly is a very interesting period.
  3. Steve: We are stepping away from creating brand new Families (Base Game + Modules + Packs) and instead are committed to having at least one Module for each of our existing 8 Families. At present that means adding Modules to Black Sea, Final Blitzkrieg, and Cold War. We are also interested in adding various types of Packs to other Families. Hmm, 8 Families - Does this mean CM:A is going to get brought back into the fold? I remember Steve saying he was going to reach out to the Russian devs in the New Years thread from this year...
  4. A bug with the reloading animation of the PPS-43 - the magazine is rotated 90 degrees from where it should be and clips into the soldier's hands. https://i.imgur.com/bsxTazy.mp4
  5. He is talking about the external fuel tanks on the back of the tank.
  6. For game included scenarios in H2H, I've enjoyed: "Halt! Hammerzeit!", "Tactical Vignette 99-2", "Al-Amarah". For user created ones, "Daraya Tank Raid" and "RvR Field Trials" should also be pretty good.
  7. Possible model bug with the BTR-60PU: The model in game seems to be missing its rail frame radio, which is present in the silhouette card. For reference, here is the BTR-60PU modelled in Arma 3:
  8. Although that's not exactly what I'm looking for (and BF seems to want to be completely radio silent on this topic apparently), it would be nice to have if you wouldn't mind sharing.
  9. Another bug pertaining to the new armored formations: Soviet infantry in the new armored formations available in the scenario editor have the vehicle crew picture instead of infantry.
  10. Interesting, I thought the M-47 dragon that we have in game only has the daysight and night sight (no thermals). How would the gunner see through smoke?
  11. When can we expect to see this released on steam?
  12. I'm not sure about the behavior, but the soviet (and modern russian squad) was designed to be split into two teams in the offense, a fire and maneuver element.
  13. Interesting - Why is there that disconnect then in the way off map and on map are treated? Why is there an artificial round limit on off map assets instead of being able to use all the ammo shown?
  14. Pretty sure it doesn't work that way and it is the way it is because of an engine limitation. You can fire nearly all the HE ammo, then fire all the smoke rounds in a smoke mission, and then finish off the HE ammo so your theory is incorrect. Or even fire all the smoke rounds initially then fire through all the HE ammo, you just can't do the reverse. The rounds listed are the total amount of each round available. Apparently that is fake news for off map assets.
  15. I think some improvements that would be relevant to pretty much all games would be: Allow the firing of smoke rounds after HE rounds are spent Allow for repeating of firemissions already called without spotting rounds or LOS (especially when using the same battery) Allow for more flexibility in firemission types : HE/SMK mix missions, creeping barrage, etc. More granularity in parameters for fire support: Instead of Heavy, Medium, Short, Long etc, let us specify number of rounds to fire and rate of fire (4 rpm, 2 rpm, etc). Or have the existing parameters give approximate rounds to fire and their ROF. Heavy, medium, short are meaningless when every indirect asset has different base rates of fire. Increased fidelity of damage modelling for nearby vehicles (Artillery should be more dangerous to lighter armored vehicles like IFVs and APCs, and should be more damaging to external tank subsystems)
  16. Will we see a patch before the steam/Slitherine release, or will that be the first patch?
  17. Will we ever see briefing templates released for CW like for the other games to use in user made scenarios to have more of a consistent feel? (For example, from BS:https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-black-sea/cmbs-other/battlefront-official-briefing-templates-cmbs/).
  18. You do realize the collapse of the Soviet Union occured between the game's timeframe and those events, right? Not to mention all of the other differences...
  19. I agree, it would be hard to really get an accurate judge of relative troop qualities, and it would probably vary depending on recruiting cycles and the individual units themselves. Regardless, thanks for the insight.
  20. I appreciate the answer, I figured it would be to artificially turn up the difficulty as you mentioned. I was curious though, when making the campaign did you guys ever try making some of the scenarios with more realistic veterancy levels for the Soviets? Or just start making them with crack troops straight off the bat. Who knows, maybe the campaign would've been plenty difficult with more "realistic" veterancy levels.
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