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  1. This is a over and under express rifle, with spare shotgun barrels (probably 20 gauge or .410 considering the other barrels are rifled) that can be also mounted. The two triggers are for each barrel, unless there is actually only one barrel for each set (cant tell 100% from the angle) then it would be a kipplauf.

    The rifled barrels feature leaf express sights and scope mounts for the included scope.

    This gun is almost certainly built on order from a gunsmith, probably russian considering the location and the writing (maybe a gift?). The quality of the gun is fair but certainly not on par with expensive british guns, the wood is of poor quality (considering it is a custom gun)  and so is the rubber pad on the stock (looks like something cheap you would find on a rem700 or weatherby). This is consistent with russian custom guns, they are rarely as elaborate as other western builds, much more practical and rustic.

    This type of express,shotgun combination case is fairly common in europe among many custom gunsmiths, especially in the over and under type.


    About the flintlock i couldn't tell you for sure, but it looks like it has a waterproof pan in the manton style, probably a sporting or hunting piece.

  2. 11 hours ago, Oliver_88 said:

    Also mentioned another stealth one in that same post. It's not stated on the notes but in 4.0 when choosing British (dunno whether other nations also) airborne formations in the Quick Battle game mode they were missing their vehicles. So you ended up having to purchase vehicles separately (and hope you had enough seats in them). Less your guns/mortars are deprived of mobility. Less your troops are deprived of their ammunition supply. But that's no longer the case in 4.1 and each formation (even the Independent Parachute Company) exists with its own organic transport.


    Oh also here's another related one. There used to only be one unit available to choose from in 4.0 when looking for Single Vehicles under Airborne Infantry when as the British on Quick Battles (think that was the Multipurpose Vehicle Jeep Bren). The others were missing in Quick Battles but existed in Scenario Designer. But now the units you have available in Quick Battles match those available in the Scenario Designer.


    Edited to add: should mention this is for CMBN (not checked for the same issues and fixes in CMFI as yet).

    Also before the patch the recce squadron with vickers k jeeps was in mechanized infantry instead of airborne infantry, it is now fixed.

  3. 3 hours ago, Howler said:

    It's a professional 'ice' hockey men's league  in North America. Simply titled as the National Hockey League. Very close to a religion for us Canadianas... and an attempt on my part to inject a little levity while we await the "pending" patches.

    I see, thank you for the clarification, for one small moment i had hopes.

  4. 7 hours ago, robonline said:


      I realize criticizing this game is blasphemous but I simply cannot stay quiet on this...

      Having vehicles crossing the large Arnhem bridge is ridiculously painful due to the pathetic bugs in the code.  How the hell did this escape testing?

      I observe vehicles dropping off the bridge onto whatever's below and then back on the bridge...rinse and repeat.

      I also observe vehicles stuck in the same spot on the bridge moving forward then instantly back, repeating this forever.

      These issues will probably never get fixed but they should as these bugs totally detract from the game experience.

      It should be noted that these issues are intermittent but frequent enough that it is very distracting.


    I completely agree with this, for me they just keep zig-zagging and it takes forever for them to cross the damn bridge.

  5. 11 hours ago, Bulletpoint said:

    True, but other companies also patch their games after launch to fix bugs and adjust balance. Maybe not for 8 years though, but the important stuff (bug fixing, machinegun patch) came in the first years :)

    Stuff like tank riders, aircraft, mine-clearing tanks and flamethrowers came in later games/expansions.

    Sure would be nice for them to fix the pretty serious bugs they've introduced in the new engine 4.0 we've paid for after a year and half or however long it has been. Also i don't see any tank riders in CMBN 😋.

  6. On 10/31/2018 at 8:29 AM, Warts 'n' all said:

    I think your research is not quite up to it's usual high standard, John. There was no US 9th Army in Feb '44. And, of course, it never saw service in Italy at all. They are probably discussing the dashing, charming SOE gents who delivered the Stens and Bren. Whilst the girl in the white tries to get in her "Mine is bigger than yours" gag.


    I believe the machinegun on the ground is not a bren gun but in fact a breda modello 30.

  7. On 8/22/2018 at 8:54 PM, Mord said:

    And remember, when new features are introduced all games benefit from them. Unless it's something specific to a title, like say IEDs for example. You will never suffer from feature envy in CM.

    Combat Mission: Leave no game behind™



    Except tank riders :(

    1 hour ago, The Steppenwulf said:

    What no one has mentioned is that the ww2 games latest engine version needs patching and for many players (including myself) is actually unplayable until patched - no I kid you not! We've been waiting for the patches for over a year and it's quite likely that Shock Force 2 will be released before we get the patches. 

    Furthermore, with the latest ww2 game versions I don't think you can do, what some have resorted to, which is revert back to the earlier game iteration.

    For this reason, if I were advising myself right now, I'd buy a modern title and look at the ww2 titles once the patches are released... could be waiting a long time with BF yet... who knows!? 

    I agree completely, i wanted to buy CMFI but i will hold off until engine 4 has been fixed, releasing engine 4 with those bugs and not patching it in more than a year has been a real dick move.

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