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  1. Yep, somewhat difficult to nail down when it will crash, but it was discussed awhile back. I thought it was fixed with the recent patches, but I still occasionally get the crash myself. Turning off shaders setting does stop the crashes completely for me as far as I know. I have not done any extensive testing and sometimes my playtime can be anywhere from one to three hours. There was a discussion about rolling back to a certain Nvidia driver. I can't remember the exact driver version but it was prior to 2019 I believe. Due to my brain wanting things to stay up to date, I could not sta
  2. I also wanted to mention I occasionally get crashes on Combat Mission games as well. I have all the WWII titles, and all titles have crashed roughly 30min-60min into a save. My specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i7-8700K CPU 16.0 GB RAM Nvidia 1080 Ti with up-to-date drivers I have tried fresh installations. I have played without mods and with mods with both fresh installs. Combat Mission titles are updated to the latest engine v.4 upgrade. They are installed on my SSD. Not sure what happened, but these are random crashes. At the same time, the time frame between cr
  3. That is indeed very sad to hear. I was so excited that maybe we could convince him to try it. I love his content. Heck, he was streaming Hearts of Iron 3 last week. Figured he would at least give an opinion from the videos or something considering he is focused on this type of material. Oh well, thanks for trying guys. Maybe one day down the road we'll see something.
  4. Hello! I have been watching Military History Visualized for quite awhile. (Possible 2-3 years I believe). I have watched every single one of his videos ever since I've subscribed to him and I remember there was this video him playing and discussing the Steel Division game. I commented on there as well as a couple others in which we mentioned Combat Mission and other games such as Graviteam Tactics. I remember seeing a reply to one of the comments and he does know about them I believe. He mentioned that the reason why he hasn't covered them yet is because he has limited time to play games
  5. Well first off, welcome to the community! Combat Mission games capture those small things about WWII very well and I can agree that wanting to understand the equipment is important. There are many things around the internet that offer very detailed reports describing the equipment in greater detail. I'm sure someone here will come along and link you some familiar stuff, but if you're willing to take a look you can find some decent encyclopedias to get you started. I personally just learned from experience after many years of WWII games what weapons are generally used for what. Som
  6. Combat Mission games are like the ultimate addiction. I thought when I got back into them with CMBN + all modules that I would be completely satisfied. Well I was but I then went on to buy CMFI+ GL. Red Thunder came shortly after. Now after a few months, I've got to say I play them all regularly. They each have a unique setting and since I love the history behind WW2 a lot, each of those settings are like dreams come true. Soon I will be getting CMFB to complete the WW2 titles and of course all the modules when they come out for the rest. As many have said, you will probably get them all if yo
  7. Welcome friend! Make sure to head over to The Few Good Men to find some games. I have a couple PBEM going on right now and they're a friendly bunch.
  8. Sure thing! I'm FieldNinja101st on discord. My names have changed so much over the years. xD
  9. Holy cow! I come home from exams and speeches and decided to check up on the status of Fortress Italy and... YES!!! Thank you so much and good luck on the battlefield!
  10. Hello Battlefront community! I have bought and been playing Combat Mission Battle For Normandy over a year now. I want to formerly thank the developers as this game is truly addicting and I love the historical accuracy. I've always loved war-games, but it's been hard to find one that gets that itch just right and Combat Mission especially nails the infantry tense combat although the entire package is well done. My question for you guys is when will CMFI be back for sale as I noticed only the 3.0 upgrade is available. I've been wanting to purchase this for awhile, so I made an account wand
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