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  1. Vet, Thanks for the reply but that is not the issue. I had tried that already (and tried it again after reading your post) and it is not the probelm. PHENICUS
  2. Thanks, yes that was my question/issue. Thank you for the clarification. P.S. I really like your Wish List item. That would be an incredible addition.
  3. I am not able to Move/Drag the (triangle) sections of movement orders. CMSF ver 3.2 with USMC, NATO, and UK mods. Windows 10 Nvidia GE Force 1080 TIA for any assistance
  4. When i move the cursor to bottom of screen the "Move Back" does not work. It stutters back a slight bit but then no more movement. "S" and "down arrow" hotkeys work fine for "Move Back". Also cursor for "Move Forward", "Move Right", and "Move Left" works fine. CMSF ver 3.2 with USMC, NATO, and UK mods. Windows 10 Nvidia GE Force 1080 TIA for any assistance
  5. "In the 'Nvidia Control Panel' create 'profiles' for your CM games. This alone supposedly should have the GeForce recognize that it needs to run the CM game and not the Intel integrated video (since the system isn't recognizing that the CM games need the more powerful GPU to run)." That was the answer. I had a profile set for my CM games but "autoselect" gpu was ticked and I am guessing it was loading the intel gpu rather than NVIDIA gpu. The game looks amazing now. Thanks again guys
  6. Alienware 17r4 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Monitor: 17.3 inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Anti-Glare 300-nits, Enabled with Tobii Eye-tracking Windows 10 32G DRAM Core i7 processor
  7. Thanks for the suggestsion Ithikail_AU. Unfortunately that was not the issue. FXAA was off. I tried it on and off and messed with settings on card and in game but have still not been able to improve the display of text.
  8. I upgraded my computer. I had no problems transferring my Combat Mission Games to the new system. The issue I am running into is that much of the text is blurry in game. I am guessing it is because of the very high screen resolution (3840x2160). Does anyone have a solution to this issue? Thanks, Phenicus
  9. Mad Mike. I don't know alot about scripting. How would you go about writing the campaign "compile" script so that you can repack the campaign after you have made changes? Thanks in advance for any response.
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