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  1. I think, that with current behaviour of buildings, democharges gives infantry only problems: the only advantage of democharge is that infantry not needed door to enter building, but it destroy whole section of wall along building side, it reducing building HP and making it easier to demolish (that is bad if you manage to defend inside), democharge will not give any advantage to assault building from outside, just make team, trying to plant it vulnerable for enemy fire from inside (infantry in building already have to big defensive bonus, that makes infantry assault of occupated building someth
  2. Interesting, but pbem is easier to play with random opponent. There may be issues with freetime sync.
  3. Well... v4 Engine had some usefull content and mechanics, and it worst 10 bucks, but couple of maps while there is qute good map editor rght in game...well... it may cost $3-5, not $10.
  4. Good... but... are you serious? $10 for just a map pack???
  5. Shtora, ERA, Arena etc already is in mass production. But you still didn`t answer my question- is there SO MANY ERA to equip every single M1\Bradley\Striker? Or at least is there enough ERA to convince its rarity in CMBS (actually it`s same question)?
  6. Does US have that much ERA\LWR etc. to convince current rerity point in CMBS for M1\Bradley\Striker???
  7. And same question to you- What russian equipment is really such "fantasy" as you saying here and shoud be cutted?
  8. And question right for you- what Russian gear is so "fantasy", or at least MORE "fantasy, than LWR, APS and ERA on US vehicles (wich is changing performance vs russians)?
  9. I ask once more- why in game there is restricted Russian tank built in quite big numbers (at least half of batallion) in 2016-17, but implemented US tank that will probably be in service in... 2025 or even later? Actually I`m not interested in any new toys like T-14 and others, but if there is no of them, M1A2 shoud be stripped down to it`s REAL state of 2015-2017, without it well =) I will continue to insist on T-14, T-15, and both BMP and APC on Kurganets-25 base. =)
  10. I actually could say the same about every(!!!) US unit in BS, because I can`t really say where is pure propaganda and where is real combat performace.
  11. there is nothing in Armata equiment, wich characteristics is totally unknown and\or secret. And one more question: why there IS M1A2 Sep2 with functions, that it haven`t (first of all- LWR), but T-14 is somehow restricted... why both sides cant have a bit "fictional" (if you think that Armata is more fictional than Oplot, so be it, I don`t whant to argue with you about that cause it`s useless to change your mind about that, even if it is totally wrong) top tanks? Why there can`t be options for recent M1A2 and Armata and RALISTIC M1A2 and T-90\72?
  12. And what you personally know about, for exampe Oplot? And again there are already at least 20 Armatas, and only 5 to 10 Oplots... I think, that even this make T-14 rihgt to be in CM (very expensive ofcourse)
  13. There already are about 20 Armatas produced.
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