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  1. Hull shape is entirely wrong for the Sheridan. It's an M60A2.
  2. So a while ago I made this post in the CM: Afghanistan forum showing that the cover art from that game was based off of a picture of a US Marine being barely missed by enemy fire. Well, a friend of mine linked me a post on reddit that has the SAW gunner that the CM: Shock Force cover art was based on. Apparently it is a picture of a 1st Armored Division soldier in Ramadi, Iraq sometime in 2006. Here is the original picture and the cover art side-by-side.
  3. I was installing Combat Mission Afghanistan when I recognized that the background picture of a Soviet soldier nearly being hit by a round in the installation menu looked very similar to another picture that I had seen of a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan. I did a little digging and managed to find the picture. Here are the two pictures side-by-side for reference. I originally saw the picture in a reddit thread about a year ago. Apparently the picture is of U.S. Marine Sergeant William Bee while he was taking fire from the Taliban in 2008. I thought it was somewhat fitting that the art for this game of a Soviet taking fire in Afghanistan was based on a U.S. Marine taking fire in Afghanistan decades later.
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