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  1. Jumping in here late... but making sure I'm clear... I bought last December, so I'm still current right? New patch coming at some point, but nothing I need to do now.
  2. Since asking earlier this year and trying a demo of CMFB, I just went and grabbed the full deal on CMBN. Now I'm downloading and perusing the mods sites to go into 2018 fighting old wars all over again. I have an email recommending some mods for me, but want to make sure I get a good start with the best ones... JuJu UI - have this one downloaded already. all skins by Aris - is there perhaps a pack with all of them in one place? I keep seeing 1,000,000 of them separate downloads !!! Tanks a lot buildings - Have all four of these for CMBN JuJu Terrain - had these from my demo days. Any other must haves?
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