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  1. I guess I need to get a better handle on what the different artillery fire orders mean in terms of time and intensity of barrage. I wish the game allowed me to call for specific numbers of shells per gun/length of barrage.
  2. I'm having some trouble seeing how to properly execute Soviet deliberate attacks in the CM engine - doctrinally the tanks are supposed to lead the advance with the infantry behind, but it seems to me like this will generally just get the tanks killed. My normal habit in CM has been for infantry to screen the tanks.
  3. Decreasing quality settings does not make the roads stop cutting off or the trees stop disappearing at distance. The attached picture was taken on "balanced" - and I assure you my GTX 1080 is up to the challenge of drawing that highway texture across the entire map if it were allowed to do so. "just don't zoom out" isn't a solution. You need to view the entire map to coordinate your operations and see what is going on. The detail needn't go away when I play high up, not to this extreme.
  4. I agree, this is very annoying. The other end of the map itself will literally disappear on the largest maps at certain angles.
  5. I am talking more in terms of the 3D modelling requirements, not the TO&E which you have to do with every country
  6. Thank you for the detailed reply. I was wondering because I couldn't really think of a worthwhile way to model CW either. edit: a battalion in full MOPP gear would be a nice aesthetic to play with, though...
  7. I noticed that mention of chemical warfare is conspicuously absent even in the campaign briefings - did you ever consider trying to model CW in the game, or was it too much work for too little payoff?
  8. I agree. As I mentioned earlier, Germany makes the most sense for several reasons. 1. The game is literally set in Germany 2. A lot of Bundeswehr equipment shows up in other NATO armies, reducing the workload of future modules 3. The NVA is mostly retextured Soviet equipment, so they can do two birds with one stone
  9. I believe Soviet doctrine held that fixed-wing air was for striking targets behind the FEBA, not on the front line itself.
  10. the M47 seems a lot more accurate and reliable in CMCW than I had been led to believe from anecdotal reports about its real life capabilities...
  11. It would be a shame if the Swingfire's unique capabilities weren't modelled properly, but I would rather that than have the BAOR go unrepresented.
  12. In Quick Battle, the Bunker (the "standard" bunker, not the Wood one) for the U.S. toe has a rarity of over 100,000.
  13. Is it possible to increase the draw distance for the road textures? It bothers me that the highways and railroads disappear at such a low altitude
  14. fyi - Winrar always asks you to buy a license, but you can just ignore it. if 7zip doesnt work, use Winrar.
  15. At a certain distance, when the commander's hatch is open, the BMP-1's smoke launchers glitch out as seen on the two BMPs in this image
  16. Something else I'd really like to see is the Korean theater during this time period. 8th Army, 3rd Marines, ROKA, NKPA and PLA.
  17. Would it be possible to give us a model of the LAW that isn't in the deployed configuration? I know the engine can't handle swapping between them but if I had to choose I would prefer to have it in the stowed configuration since that's how it'll be 99% of the time.
  18. the French 1st and 5th Armored Divisions were stationed on the German side of the border at Oberhofen and Trier. It's easy to come up with a scenario where France for various reasons refuses to participate, but the "standard" Fulda Gap scenario generally assumes the French would be fighting in Germany. I voted for the two Germanies. While I prefer Britain personally, it just makes more sense to do Germany first for a war fought in Germany. Also the NVA should be easy to do since nearly all the assets are already there. And you already have German voice acting from a wide range of titles. edit: it should also be fairly simple to do Poland and Czechoslovakia, whose units would have been included in the follow-on forces behind GSFG and CGF.
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