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  1. Oh don't worry, I wasn't trying to sound gloomy, I was just trying to be realistic about how my degree is directly useful. I'm well aware of the general utility of a university degree. Even if it were useless, I'd still have no regrets, as I've had a great time studying for it.
  2. Oh don't worry, I'm well aware of the fragility of my force. One good hit from the enemy could ruin my chances of winning any kind of victory. I do like to keep people waiting Well, what I meant was that only the scout platoon and the light tanks would be taking part in the assault. The rest of the APCs can only lend their machine gun fire - which against trenches and buildings, leaves a great deal to be desired! It is indeed interesting; in my second year, for example, I got to go on a field trip to Normandy for a week. That remains my favourite holiday ever. I've met som
  3. Well, well, this is an honour Thanks very much for the praise Bil! Your Battle Drill Blog has been a great help to me in playing CM, and this match has been no exception. Though I question your assessment of my odds. While my total strength is indeed a Company(-), the actual manoeuvre units amount to sixteen infantrymen, four APCs and four light tanks. Hardly what I'd call overwhelming! Still, it depends how much I'm hurting the enemy at the moment I suppose. I do not have a military background, though I am currently reading for a War Studies degree at university and have several internet fri
  4. My apologies for the wait for this third entry. Making an AAR is a lot more time consuming than I had first imagined! On the plus side, I've progressed quite far since my last post, with far too much content for this one instalment alone, so entry four should be along shortly after this one. I hadn't mentioned that the enemy might have medium or heavy machine guns in my first post, but I had been thinking about it, so this discovery of an MMG team comes as no surprise. Each Syrian mechanised infantry company comes with a weapons platoon made up of two sections, each of which is made up of
  5. Oh drat, sorry! I looked for a thread on the second page but reckoned that if there was a thread like this then it would be active, so I didn't look further than that. I like to use Imgur for image hosting. Easy to use and very reliable.
  6. I noticed that there's a screenshot and video thread for Black Sea but not for Shock Force, so I thought that I'd get the ball rolling. An M1A1SA Abrams shows off the power of its 120mm smoothbore A US Army Mechanised Rifle Platoon creeps through a woodland Wadi Not tho' the soldier knew Someone had blunder'd . . .
  7. I have already asked for a demonstration of Olek's tips 'in the wild' as it were and for my trouble have received nought but evasion and, to be frank, barely coherent gibberish that can be summed up as "my tactics are beyond criticism, how dare you ask me to put my money where my mouth is." But very well, I'll bite. I think that the use of 203mm heavy artillery not to suppress, mask or destroy the enemy, the raison d'etre of any artillery piece, but to make foxholes for the purpose of advancing over open terrain in the face of the enemy, is, to put it mildly, a gross misapplication of a rare a
  8. Thanks, but no thanks. The green gloves and balaclavas are a wee bit too bright for my tastes.
  9. Ah . . . k? Not sure why you're so up in arms about me suggesting a PBEM. I would have thought that someone with so many tactical tips to share would be quite happy to display them in action.
  10. Well, dashed shame that. You vs Rinaldi would be a real sight to see. Still, you should take up ||CptJoe||'s offer.
  11. I'd try your tips myself, but as I said, I don't own Black Sea and also I'm a bit of a newbie in Combat Mission. It'd be more educational seeing someone more familiar with the game put your tactical tips into action. Like you and Rinaldi, for example. Although heck, if I bought BS then I wouldn't mind playing a PBEM or two.
  12. He asked if you'd like to do a PBEM with him, to show your tactical tips in action. I say, go for it, this could be really interesting. Ah, my mistake. I assumed that if you were willing to make a fast mounted advance across open ground, you would have some knowledge of the enemy positions, potential or actual.
  13. Now, this idea I like. What say you @Oleksandr ? It'd be very educational to see these fascinating tactical tips of yours in action.
  14. Now, I have no experience with BS, but would it not be a better course of action to drop that heavy arty (which presumably, is rare outside of QBs and is very expensive), not on the field in front of your enemy, but on top of your enemy?
  15. Alas, this is not entry three, but merely an amusing aside; consider this tree in the left-foreground: Now watch in awe, as the Great and Powerful Mr Thwop-Thwop waves his magic wand! And poof! It's gone! I'm not even angry at the waste of a Hellfire(?) missile, this was very amusing. Yes, things are steadily ramping up. The next update should have something more kinetic than what you've seen thus far. <3
  16. Morning/afternoon/evening everyone! I return, with the second entry of the AAR. In the interests of keeping the amount of "filler" entries low, this post will cover both my initial plans and the first few turns of the engagement. Reasoning that it is somewhat pointless to come up with a detailed and intricate plan without having any knowledge of Rinaldi's dispositions, I'll develop my plan as I conduct a reconnaissance. This initially consists of my four scout teams moving forward dismounted, two moving into the high ground on my right and two straddling the MSR on m
  17. Yes, terrible thing isn't it? If only those cities had been held by one of the most hateful, diabolical regimes on the planet. If that had been the case, well then it might just have been worth it . . .
  18. Thanks for the heads up. Yes, I can foresee myself having to give a lot of 'Target Light' orders to my Scimitars in the future. Thanks for reminding me to bomb up the dismounts too! Ah, thank you, I'll check that out after this battle is over. Thanks very much Ian! Ruh-roh, now I'm spooked. Thanks for the luck! Oh my goodness, the pressure is indeed on now! I'll try and make the 9th/12th proud!
  19. Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. Yeah, this is CMSF1, the ditch is dry in the game engine. Thanks, I might need that luck if Rinaldi has some good Sagger operators
  20. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This is an AAR of a PBEM played with the British Forces module of Combat Mission: Shock Force. The scenario is "Sabres at Dawn" - I am attacking with a British light armoured reconnaissance force and @Rinaldi is defending with a Syrian reserve mechanised infantry force. So, without further ado, let's do a quick analysis of the situation. My primary task is to attack and clear a compound known as the "East Yard" approximately 500m to the North-Northeast of my deployment zone. My secondary task is simply to destroy the enemy in the field.
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