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  1. Thank you, awesome videos. Showed it to some friends, might get them to buy the game.
  2. Hi IanL, thank you very much! I always thought that activation code was some kind of internal battlefront code. I just activated it, and all is well. Since this is basically what I needed, I will close the ticket as well. Thanks again! Best regards, Husky
  3. Hello, I already wrote a ticket about this issue (to be more precise, two tickets), but I am kinda afraif my problem won't be solved any time before the weekend. I purchased the upgrade (35 $) via Credit Card, but the purchase was stuck at processing. The credit card successfully bookmarked the money. After writing a ticket about it, the response was rather quick, and the purchase was put on complete. I was able to download the game. But I never recieved the mail with the license key. No mail, no spam folder, nothing. So now I am stuck with a downloaded game, which I can't activate, while being afraid that the support is off to the weekend. And I just need to get the mail with the key. I already opened a second ticket with the marking "Urgent", and I hope this topic will also raise awareness. Best regards, Husky
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