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  1. Sure, go for it. Will be curious to see what you do for the AI. My guess is that it will be much better played as the AXIS against the AI as the scenario design is one where the Germans probably have to play well to win while the Russians have to setup well to win. So if you can come up with a good setup, it could be a real challenge for the Germans. The Germans are going to inflict more pain on the Russians than vice versa regardless, but can they take enough objectives without taking too many casualties is the challenge...? And just so you know for AI Planning, in my HtH first test
  2. Thanks Kevin, that would be great as I'm sure a lot of folks play vs the AI who might like (or hate) it.
  3. Well, that's not good. Many situations where you want the hull facing one way and the turret another... Thanks for all the guidance folks, very useful stuff. I'm sure the more I play, the more I'll figure out the right balance and workarounds for the various limitations. Just need to remember that this is Combat Mission, it's not Advanced Squad Leader......
  4. Since you guys are chatting about Winter Mod scenarios, I thought I'd share one that I made. I have most/all of the winter mods downloaded and it looks pretty cool with the mod, though if you don't have the winter mod it looks just fine as well. But as the action took place in the winter, better feel to use the mod with the snow and whitewashed tanks etc..... The Scenario is called "Nishne, Nyet!" and is an adaptation of an Advanced Squad Leader scenario of the same name. It takes place in February 1943 and features the Germans attacking the town of Nishne-Gnilovskaya in order to el
  5. So I've noticed Migo, so I've noticed re the 30m. I actually created a scenario for the Winter Mod (will post soon in the other thread about winter scenarios, currently playtesting it with a buddy) and it takes place in a town with lots of large buildings and I'm learning that the seemingly invincible Tigers aren't really so........
  6. As an update to this, I tried the same tactic in a different game I'm playing and got the same result. A German Tiger had wandered too close to a building where I had a few SMG teams so with this in mind, rather than stay in the building that the Tiger was methodically pounding, I charged them at the Tiger and sure enough got the same result. Apparently they immobilized the Tiger and then threw a bundle grenade of sorts that really isn't listed with them and killed a few crew and then the rest bailed out. Very interesting. Nothing to do with covered arcs, but interesting to understand b
  7. Thanks for the detailed response, it's appreciated and all that you have advised makes sense. Unfortunately in this particular situation, the do nothing would have resulted in the tank firing on the infantry and his tank destroying (or at least getting the drop on) my tank if not for the bizarre LOS blockage. My tank had no LOS to either at turn start and given the situation I could see what was coming as earlier in the game a somewhat similar situation came up and a tank prioritized the infantry. Was trying to avoid the same thing happening. Anyway appreciate your thoughts, but it stil
  8. I'm not sure where the correct place to post this is so apologies in advance if it should be posted elsewhere. I'm pretty new to the game, so I also don't know if this has been discussed previously. I had a situation where I had a tank that was facing enemy infantry and an enemy tank. My assumption was that my opponent was going to rush the infantry at my tank to draw fire and then advance his tank to shoot my tank. So, being clever, I decided to give my tank a Target Vehicle covered arc. Not so clever it turned out as though my opponent did in fact do exactly what I though he w
  9. Thanks for your response, much appreciated. As the scenario I'm working on is actually February 1943 (conversion of excellent ASL scenario), I guess I'm best off setting the CMRT mission date to the earliest date. And to think I was wondering why (and still wondering I guess) the Panzer III N isn't available..... It will work though as with all things ASL, the idea is to give a flavor of the action and the map is based on the ASL boards used for it, not on the real area. Thanks again! Matt
  10. Thanks so much, really appreciate it. Needed the confirmation before setting up countless walls. While I'm at it, will push my luck with one more question - is there anyway to change the scenario start date from 1944 and to months other than those in the menus? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello all, I'm looking for some guidance on interior walls for modular buildings for a map I'm making. When the buildings are placed directly next to one another, I understand that you can delete the interior walls and thus troops can move from building to building. However, I'm wondering in a situation with two abutting walls, can you delete one of the walls and then have a door in the other wall and will troops use the door to get from building to building? I just want confirmation of this before I setup this many walls that it works this way. Thanks in advance! Matt
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