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  1. 17 hours ago, Erwin said:

    Lots of things need to be improved.  This doesn't improve anything.  It simply puts yet more items for people to complain about and on BF's "to do" list - and they are probably overloaded as it is.  Have to be cognizant of priorities.  The game will never be perfect, there will always be compromises.  In terms of creating a fun and rewarding wargame experience, verisimilitude is much more important than getting technical physics aspects accurate.  

    Would you argue the same thing about flight simulations, such as IL2, DCS, Steel Beasts etc? CM leans more towards being a simulation  than others depicting tactical land combat on the same level.

    Sure, all of these are games and of course allowances, compromises and unrealistic elements are included and indeed necessary to make them more playable and enjoyable. But for some of us, the small details are an important, interesting and fun aspect. Witness passionate discussions on IL2 forums about topics like whether the German 20mm cannon shells are a bit underpowered, if the engine on the FW190 on the Russian Front has been de-rated, to extend engine life, too much in the game; or in DCS about such things as perhaps the field-of-view of the seeker on the AIM-9L or whatever is too small :D

    Like you say, the game will never be perfect, but it is fun trying is it not? :)


  2. As has been previously mentioned in this thread, it is being upgraded with a 30mm cannon.



    Remote%20Turret%20Stryker%20MCT30.jpg?w=The US Army continues to receive prototypes of a newly-engineered up-gunned Stryker infantry vehicle armed with a more lethal, longer-range 30mm cannon as compared with the currently installed .50-cal machine guns.


    The upgraded Stryker vehicle will be known as the Dragoon, the name of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. The prototype also features a new fully-integrated commander's station, upgraded driveline, componentry and hull modifications, according to statements from the Army's Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems.

  3. As far as I know, The 17-1 kills were achieved in concert with accompanying F-22s. How many times will they be available, and of course not at all to US allies?

    Lets see some results of F-35s only vs aggressors.

    I assume that the scenarios did not include any WVR, since the F-35 is not cleared to shoot any AAM except for AMRAAM. Airframe stress tests with AIM9s on the outer pylons overstress the wings which will need to be fixed, outer pylon loadouts compromising the stealth anyway. As stated opening the gun door causes unequal drag that pulls it out of alignment, not to mention it has a very small ammo load-out.

    Better hope you do not come up against any Sukhois flying 10k feet higher and 0.5 mach faster to impart extra range to their 10+ missile launches, also bearing in mind that look-down is not pure frontal aspect so reduces stealth effectiveness.

    And when the F-35s have shot their 4 missiles, they will turn away but with their slow speed, poor acceleration, limited afterburner time, poor rear aspect stealth and big IR engine, they run the serious risk of being run down by opposing leakers or fast long range missiles, especially ramjet-powered just coming into service.

    Sensor fusion does not yet work.

  4. 7 hours ago, JUAN DEAG said:

    Putin knows that he has nothing to fear at all from NATO unless he is planning aggression against a NATO member state. This inane "NATO invades Kaliningrad" scenario doesn't weigh in for a second in the minds of Russian military planners. If Russia finds itself in a shooting war with NATO something went horribly wrong along the way, 100% Armata/Kurganets force is not going to save Russia from epic defeat. Conversely, there are three scenarios that Putin actually cares about: potential public declaration of war with Ukraine, potential renewed war with Georgia, and potential renewed (full-on) conflict in Chechneya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan.

    "some people in Russia actually fear that scenario" because Russian state-owned media told them to fear that scenario. It is a concept from the revolutionary period in the early 1800s known as nationalism. Us vs. them has a way of taking peoples' minds off of social ills. C'mon man these are basic mechanics of state-craft.

    Nothing to fear from NATO, uh huh. This is the NATO that is aggressively pushing up against Russian borders and many of whose constituent members are illegally in Syria and arming terrorist groups, and have been pushing to 'Bomb the Syrians and Russians'.

    The NATO invades K/grad scenario is no more likely than the ridiculous Russia invades the Baltics scenario.

    If any state owned media is responsible for creating fear and hysteria, it is that in the West with their neverending 'The Russians are coming', along with hacking elections and power plants in the US LOL.



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