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  1. I understand that, I'm just wondering if the mantlet is penetrated too easily, as I don't see it happening as frequently to other vehicles.
  2. I have been noticing a high frequency of gun damage through mantlet penetration with Panthers, has anyone else noticed this ?
  3. Wow, what an excellent new feature, thanks Holman
  4. I am playing a scenario that starts at 06:30, and it's very dark, which makes it very difficult to play. One way round this is to create oversized target circles around every unit, so the map is bathed in a ghostly yellow light when a unit is selected, but this is not ideal. Is there a way of increasing the light, other than changing the start time ?
  5. There is a video on YouTube called "Inside the Chieftans Hatch: Panther - Part2", in which the narrator, at 3:15, demonstrates the "open protected" position. This position allows the TC an intermediate position for the hatch, giving the TC better visibilty than being buttoned up, but without the danger of being completely unbuttoned. Could this be modelled in CM ?
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