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  1. Yes, just to confirm the issues above are no longer affecting gameplay on my Windows 10 PC and haven't recurred since they fixed themselves (possibly because of an update as also discussed). Although it was a bit weird. Schrullenhaft: I wonder if you have any ideas about why they haven't opened up the code for the old CMx1 games for open source development? I recently got back into Steel Panthers, which has come a long way - presumably thanks to exactly that sort of initiative. I can't see how doing something similar for CMx1 would compromise sales for the more recent series, but it would e
  2. Sadly, I think that since the game is now 18 years old the likelihood of someone fixing this diminished some time ago! As Erwin says, when creating QB maps specifically, we'll probably just have to live with it. It does seem an odd oversight in the programming, but for its time (and in my view even now) these games are pretty remarkable achievements overall. Surprised that nobody spotted this and patched it at some point, though.
  3. I was afraid that was going to be the answer! Thing is: I've devised an elaborate meta-game on Google maps to give my QB's some context and (just like the real war and that) the Germans don't always advance directly from the west. No matter; I can, as you say, rotate the maps for design purposes!
  4. I'm sure this was asked in these forums about 15 years ago but I can't find an answer and would appreciate some help. My question is: When loading a user-designed map into the QB generator, will Axis forces always face east, and Allied forces always face west? Is there a way to change this? Here's the context that explains my question: I've designed a map in the scenario editor which I want to load up for a quick battle. In this case, I'm simulating an Axis attack in June 1941 in which, unusually, the German units are pushing west from an setup zone in the east, against Soviet def
  5. Let us know if it works any better, Erwin! Would be interested to know if that was at the root of the issues I was having here.
  6. OK, just to report that I've no idea how but I seem to be back in action on the Eastern Front. Ran it this evening and it worked fine. Absolutely mystified as to how it got fixed, though. Possibly some sort of update - although I checked the other day and Windows didn't need any updates running. In any case thank goodness for that. The fight goes on... Thanks to everyone who offered advice!
  7. Thanks so much for the replies to this. I'm afraid that none of these suggestions seem to have done the trick, but I'll keep on keeping on. I seem to have spent quite a lot of the past few years trying to keep my CMx1 games alive and I'd prefer not to lose them if I can!
  8. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the below. I've recently been playing CMBB on a Windows 10 PC, version 1.03 downloaded from GOG because it seems to be the most stable version for a modern OS. And indeed, it was working like a dream until yesterday when suddenly I discovered that I couldn't fast forward or rewind during the action phase. The turn will play, but as soon as I try to move it forward or back, it just skips to the end. This isn't all: I have animations behaving weirdly and the timecode in the action phase now displays oddly as well (some JPEGs attached). None o
  9. Hi everyone, I'm playing my old CMx1 games again (because they're still great) and, since I'm running them on Windows 10, have changed the affinity settings to ensure the game doesn't run slowly. This is working fine, but I've also noticed that there is a problem with the importing of units from a saved (completed) QB map when loading the same map to start another quick battle. In some cases, it seems that the option to "import existing units" is not being offered. However, when I start the new QB other features resulting from the first use of that map - such as craters - are visible
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