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  1. I upgraded my system in the summer and am now running an NVidia RTX2080 TI. with driver set 432.00. This has run all the CM games at max settings with shaders (and shadows) for 6-8 hours at a time with no problems at all. I haven't installed driver upgrades beyond 432.00 (I'm not running anything that's needed it) but I can certainly confirm that this one works fine.
  2. I re-played 'Shadow of the Hill - 7am' over the long weekend, now in v4.0 (last time was in 3.0), and found the long range (approx. 200m plus) Bren shooting change very noticeable. I think practically all of my carrier mounted scout teams were shooting rifle fashion - definitely felt it diminished the suppressive effect on targets in the open/ soft cover. Be curious to know if there was a deliberate intention to introduce this as part of the v4 infantry behaviour changes.
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