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  1. My comment was meaning that my map was not intended to be any specific place in Holland, historically accurate. It is just a map. It is for Battles for Normandy with the added modules. My comment about the dates was prompted by a wish to have date options that could be any month during the year, hence summer or winter weather. Normandy battles started in June and Holland battles were in winter/spring. Presumably we should be able to reflect battles in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and so on. There are many other wishes with respect to my gaming, such as having troops ab
  2. Super, chaos49, thanks. Hope you get to the finish too. Let me know what you think of the battle. I know it isn't Holland, terrain wise, but a good fight. I wish they just let you pick any date during the war and stop forcing or limiting what can be designed.
  3. All right. The attached file has already been reduced in unit numbers. I am 1 hour away from finishing my testing. You should save often. It will be a tough fight from either side. The AI has plans. It isn't finished, as in polished, as I am concentrating on play rather than finishing touches like photos and texts. Holland44.btt Holland44.txt
  4. Hi Erwin I do have an SSD drive. And thanks, Ian. I'm testing again after removing unneeded vehicles. If I can make it through with this, I'm going to post here.
  5. The manual doesn't mention maximums for the number of units in a scenario. I've run into freezing the game when creating a huge battle with 2 reinforced battalions per side. Anybody have more information? When I say two reinforced battalions, I am talking about the reinforcements being elements of the same battalions, arriving later. I begin with a company and over 7 reinforcements I introduce the rest of that battalion and several more companies from two others. There are also a platoon of tanks or destroyers, some artillery, and perhaps an air unit per side. To get through the battl
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