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  1. Thank you dude. But it is not to easy to find for example the shooting sound from Tiger. It is this? gun 88l.wav
  2. You are my cat. I want 10 files to edit not more. Thank you so much. Bye bye
  3. Dude the Hyperlink to Sounds_Red Thunder v100 brz file list.zip is wrong. I get a list about the bmp not about Sounds.
  4. nevermind... i play without my sounds
  5. What do you mean exacly? Here? F:\Combat Mission Red Thunder
  6. Hi guys, I have a lot of sounds and i would like copy in the game. Anybody can tell me how can I do this? I see in a another mods file name like gun...wav. How I can figure out for example the Tiger Tank Sound File Name? Thanks.
  7. Wow JoMC! tell me, I can mod the unit or the scenario? and it is hard or edit lines in a text file?
  8. Ok, that is true. But we can mod it or it is too difficult? What a code language use close combat?
  9. Hello guys, I like the new game close combat final blitzkrieg and I play the demo at the moment (I would like biz in a couple of days ) A lot of ideas works very well and the realism is very great. But this game has a big disappointed, where is the fuel? I drive with the tank squad and I see a lot of stats but the fuel is missing. You guys implementation the fuel in future or we can mod it? Thank you
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