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  1. Without taking the thread OT - wow! Medvedev has always been portrayed in the West as the 'good cop' vis-a-vis Putin; even the latest BBC long read on Russia mentions "The ambitious project was launched during a brief liberal “spring” when Dmitry Medvedev took over the presidency. The constitution barred Vladimir Putin from running for a third consecutive term so Medvedev kept his seat warm." (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/russia_election ) Anyways, dropping the political discussion with some food for thought on Western foreign policy 'expertise' brought to my attention by Bu
  2. Are you referring to Sergei Ivanov? I believe you. Can you give the name?
  3. Very interesting, thanks. It would be interesting to compare how South Korea, Sweden, and post-war Italy and Japan developed their defense industries - those being cases I could think of where exports were marginal or non-existent. I do recall reading that Japanese tanks are the most expensive in the world. Shhh, you just gave away the secret of Stryker.
  4. "When whole communities go to war - whole peoples, and especially civilized peoples - the reason always lies in some political situation, and the occasion is always due to some political object. War, therefore, is an act of policy. Were it a game of CM complete, untrammeled, absolute manifestation of violence (as the pure concept would require), war would of its own independent will usurp the place of policy the moment policy had brought it into being" - Clausewitz That credit goes to @Oleksandr. If you read the part of the thread that starts several posts before Steve's post that I li
  5. Beyond semiconductors and electronic engineering, there are challenges of materials and industrial engineering, which, for Russia, may be difficult to overcome as they require industrial reorganization and long-term investment:
  6. @Sgt.Squarehead I am describing the perspective of the Turkish public that supports the Afrin operation, not making a normative statement.
  7. Indeed, which is why I would love to try it in CMFG - Combat Mission: Fulda Gap.
  8. Here's what Steven Zaloga has to say in BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1967-94 (Osprey, 1994): "In the eyes of many Soviet tacticians, the BMP-1 was not entirely suited to conventional warfare. On a nuclear battlefield, NATO anti-tank guided missile and rocket teams would be severely inhibited by the contaminated environment; under such conditions it was argued that the BMP-1 could reign freely at the head of combined tank-motor rifle groups. But in a conventional war, there would be a profusion of anti-tank teams. The lightly armoured BMP-1 was especially vulnerable to the wide range of i
  9. I have no intention to take the thread OT; just a footnote to "the only truly progressive group:" For a scholarly take on the YPG, see the second half of "Twilight of the Kurds:" http://foreignpolicy.com/2018/01/16/twilight-of-the-kurds-iraq-syria-kurdistan/
  10. I quickly looked up info only about the BMP-2, and found this: "The commander can exit the vehicle by two means - the hatch above him, or by spinning the turret to face the rear, and then going out through the passenger compartment. In the latter case, he must swing open the turret basket perimeter shield (shown below) to exit the turret." https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.ca/2016/05/bmp-2.html#comstat Given those restrictions for movement between the commander's position and the passenger compartment, I'd say the way this is modeled in the game for the BMP-2 is spot-on.
  11. And where's 2016?... Ah, here we go! Seriously, Western non-interference in the fall of Aleppo [in which the YPG played a crucial part - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Aleppo_offensive_(February_2016) - which may not be known or was forgotten by folks in the West, but certainly not by the FSA fighters in Afrin] and the humanitarian tragedy around it profoundly impacted the Turkish public in two ways: - It relativized the ethics of war, so that any criticism today can be brushed off with "What about Aleppo?" - It did the equivalent of tens of billions of Qatari / Sau
  12. My thoughts as well. The tank does not appear to have been in combat when the missile was fired; I think the YPG team may have infiltrated what was thought to be a secure area, or blended in with the civilians there. Also note the (white?) civilian car that was parked next to the tank, and sped away right after missile launch - proof that they detected the launch. In related news, the FSA intercepted a large shipment of ATGMs, including Konkurs, to the YPG, that originated from a town under Al Nusra control. The Syrian conflict's mess of disparate interests, loyalties, and alliances is ce
  13. The missile has been confirmed as a Konkurs (AT-5): Five tankers - including a lieutenant - were KIA. Does a LEO2 have space for five people inside?: Presumably the destroyed LEO2, with a crewman who was KIA. I assume he was the loader, as he held the lowest rank:
  14. A rule of thumb that I've picked up from playing Slitherine's Pike&Shot / Sengoku Jidai / Field of Glory 2 at their hardest settings is to give the AI a 50% point advantage, on top of whatever advantage it is already getting for attacking etc. To achieve this in CM, I increase the AI's points by 70% when I'm defending [the AI is very vulnerable to ambushes if you can set up one where the map designer didn't expect it], and decrease my own points by 40% when I'm attacking. If I give the AI even more points, that tends to kick in the "quantity has a quality of its own" phenomenon. I have bee
  15. Bellingcat investigation by Nick Waters, an ex-British Army officer. Lots of images, an alleged video of the January 6 attack, and thorough analysis: "The Poor Man’s Air Force? Rebel Drones Attack Russia’s Airbase in Syria" https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2018/01/12/the_poor_mans_airforce/
  16. "Black Market Sold Drones Used in Russian Base Attack" https://www.thedailybeast.com/black-market-sold-drones-used-in-russian-base-attack "... days before the unique, jury-rigged drone bomber surfaced in the attack, a seller in a rebel social media arms market based in Syria’s Idlib province posted an advertisement for an identical-looking model of rickety homebrew drone along with similar munitions, casting serious doubt on Moscow’s tales of high tech transfer. ... ... the black market drone advertisement, posted on Dec. 31 in a Telegram arms market where rebels trade ever
  17. This just in: "Who is attacking Russia’s bases in Syria? A new mystery emerges in the war." https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/who-is-attacking-russias-main-base-in-syria-a-new-mystery-emerges-in-the-war/2018/01/09/4fdaea70-f48d-11e7-9af7-a50bc3300042_story.html?tid=pm_world_pop&utm_term=.32c85e2ed4f8 "Perhaps the biggest question of all, however, is who was responsible. What makes the attacks especially unusual is that there has been no claim, triggering a frenzy of speculation in the Russian and Syrian news media over who may have carried them out. Russia’s Defense
  18. I do not see the basis for this. Just two days ago, Chechen jihadists in Idlib suffered a huge loss after their HQ was attacked with a VBIED presumably by a rebel group that supports the Astana agreement, and yesterday, a Turkish military convoy was ambushed in Idlib, presumably as retaliation. Ever since it adopted the 'contain the YPG first' strategy, Turkey has stayed very close to the Russian line. It is understandably mad at Assad exploiting the civil war among the rebels to gain territory, but this is not a motive to attack Russia. In fact, in light of the S-400 procurement and calls amo
  19. Looks like they have an SOP where the loader covers the rear of the vehicle while a column is moving through close terrain.
  20. Am not going to even quote from this one: "Thai penis whitening trend raises eyebrows" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-42575155
  21. By all accounts that have appeared online, the M60T outperformed early build LEO2s in Syria. One even survived a Kornet hit in Iraq, though it was also particularly lucky in the angle of impact. That being said, the M60T was a very expensive project whose main purpose was to transfer technology to build a domestic tank; therefore, it was something more than an 'upgrade.' Interestingly, the M60T project came about after the failed bid to build the Ukrainian Yatagan, which didn't work out since the Russians refused to transfer their APS technology. Considering this was Yeltsin's cash-s
  22. This had been buzzing around online for some days and now appears to be official - it would dwarf the previous ISIS attack on Russian helicopters near Palmyra: "Syria war: Photos 'reveal' Russia jet damage at Hmeimim base" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42580378 "A Russian military journalist has published photos of Russian warplanes which are believed to have been damaged by rebel shelling in Syria. Roman Saponkov posted them on social media after reports of the attack. Russia's defence ministry acknowledged a 31 December rebel mortar attack on Hmeimim airbase b
  23. She actually wasn't military. Continuing Soviet tradition, Russian prosecutors have parade uniforms.
  24. @Michael Emrys & @3j2m7, My previous post was only meant to be funny and did not reflect my own taste. To my eyes, a winterized IS-2 looks like this: For factory finish photos: "OK Google: Anastasiya Scheglova" Am putting the lid on this perceptual - if not perceptive - discussion before the thread goes south.
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