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  1. I have the same exact problem
  2. Ok, then once I finish Final Blitzkrieg I will play Fortress Italy. Thank you both :)
  3. Ciao a tutti / hi all As the title says, I would like to know which titles between Fortress Italy, Gustav Line and Rome to victory contains more italian units or campaign/scenario in which you use italian forces. I have to admit that even if I'm italian, I don't know much about the war in Italy during WWII, I was more interested in "big open spaces" like the war in north Africa. I still have the old combat mission afrika korps on my shelf After some time spent on modern wars with black sea and shock force 2 now I'm enjoying Final Blitzkrieg, and I would love to play with italian troops
  4. Oh, cool. I don't use any kind of mod, just reshade shaders. I think I was really lucky to catch the detonation😁
  5. Hi all, I don't post in this forum, but I always read the topics. Does anyone know what happened here? A Tow exploded on top of this t-90 but I've never seen anything like that 😅
  6. doh! I thought there was a command to restart the mission, so I deleted all my previous savegames -_-' Guess I'll have to play the campaign again. Thanks for the reply
  7. Hi all Sorry for the noob question. I'm playing the german campaign and I would like to know if there is an option to restart a mission without having to play the campaign again. I've tried to look in the various menus but I can't find any button or option about it Thanks for the help
  8. Just go to http://reshade.me/ press download and at the bottom of the page, download the 3.0.0
  9. Thank you I wasn't playing the QB, I was on the last mission of Ukrainian campaign, and believe it or not, I've never used the air support before Anyway, this is a good information for when I'll play with quick battles Thank you again
  10. Nice ambient occlusion I would also know if it's a post processing effect or if it's a flag of nvidia inspector (or ati). Currently I'm using reshade but I'm not good with it, so the effects are not so good
  11. Oh, didn't know that. Guess I'll have to check more carefully then Thanks for the support
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply I've checked on the manual but I still have a little doubt. From the manual they say that the unit with the binoculars icon should be able to call artillery and air support. Now, I'm playing the ukrainian campaign and I have this unit with the binoculars, but I can only call for artillery, while the air support still have the denied word. Do these units need to have a proper equip to call air support? Again sorry, but english is not my main language so maybe i'm missing something Thanks
  13. Hi all Sorry for the noob question, but I can't understand how artillery (and especially) air support works. I mean, a lot of time I have one of them (or both) with the big red mark and "denied" word on them, so I'm wondering how you can properly use them. Do you need a special type of unit? Do you first have to "clear" the ground from air defences? Sorry for my english and thanks for the replies
  14. Hi all I've searched the forum for an answer but I didn't find it. My question is simple. Is it possible to choose what type of ammo use in vehicles? I mean, can I choose to shoot an atgm with the t72/t90 or a tow with the bradley? Or it's all up to the AI? Thanks
  15. One last question. Do you know the location of the save files? I can't finde them Thanks
  16. Thanks for all your answers ^^ I discovered that there was an enemy unit inside a building that prevented me to capture the point. It was well hidden
  17. Thanks for the info.I was just asking because in the previous mission (the one at night) I won putting at least 1 squad in every light green area, while the same "problem" happened to me with the demo, while I was attacking with the USA
  18. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and to this series I've recently bought this awesome game, and now I'm playing the first campaign with the russian. I'm in the third mission, which consist in crossing the river with bmps but I cannot complete this mission. I've occupied all the objective points (the ones in light green) with at least one unit but nohing happen. What do I have to do? Do I have to kill all the enemy? Sorry for my english but I'm Italian Thanks a lot for any advice and help
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