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  1. The site is just out of date. I was trying to figure out who Bulletpoint was referring too.
  2. More into PBEM right now, hence the dramatic they forced me to pay comment.
  3. @machor My troops were Crack. I get the back blast effect but what exactly does buying crack troops with high moral get me? I may as well just start buying mass Green armies and a ****load of Artillery and start some really weird PBEMs.
  4. I went through and read the whole CptMiller thread last week. This bug has been around since April, APRIL. I'm trying to get back into playing CM after being forced to pay for a Patch that ruins the game. I'm sorry if I'm coming off crass but how are people playing this game? The pause command is a terrible work around. Besides not doing important functions like reload, they wont move at all if they actually take incoming HE.
  5. This game in it's current state is flawed beyond being playable in my books. I have quite a few games going and this particular situation keeps popping up in all my games. Setting my units up and then having them just RUN away from well gained positions ... WHAT'S THE POINT? This one takes the cake. WHAT>?
  6. It's almost like they actively try and run into the artillery fire
  7. I'm playing a lot of games right now. Here in FB we have a command unit in the house, a arty round lands near this house hitting the MG team ... oh Look the command unit is in PANIC from the nearby round and it's about to run out into the open. It's truly game breaking. SCREEN 1 SCREEN 2
  8. I'll clarify on the Moving command while under arty fire. I have a full squad of guys running towards a building. 1 unit has made it inside the house, with the rest just behind his heals. Artillery lands on a tile next to the squad outside the house. The Unit PANICS and is now running back the way they came from into artillery fire. If a unit is in a house, or close to it, I feel that's the last thing they should be doing beside dying in a fire.
  9. I read somewhere that AI tweaks were added to help the AI avoid running into artillery strikes, yet that's all the AI seems to want to do. 9 times out of 10 a AI unit will run into the Artillery even if it's so close to reaching it's end point that would provide much better cover. I often have to put PAUSE commands on guys even in buildings to get them to STOP running in the open when artillery hits. FIX
  10. I would love to be able to chose my stance. Upright, crouch, prone.
  11. I would like to see the Oplot bugged fix. I would like a lowered unpack/pack time for the Mt-12 crews. Russians need helmet mounted NVGs, Ukraine needs NV scopes at least. Units using terrain better.
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