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  1. Oh, wow! That quote was correct! I removed Windows Messenger and nothing changed. But then I did a reboot and...danged if it doesn't work perfectly now! I'm in the IT profession. I'm a software tester and have been one for over 25 years. I thought I'd seen everything. But this is just baffling -- a game that has a conflict because of an IM client. Wow. Anyway -- I'm glad it's fixed and I'll leave this thread in case anyone else runs into it.
  2. Ok, gents - I need your help. I've been playing CMBO since the very first demo came out. And I've survived 2 computer changes and upgrades but I've finally met my match. And it's because of a really weird issue -- my playback controls don't work if I use the fast forward key. As long as I don't go forward or back everything is fine, but as soon as I go forward it jumps to 60 seconds. And then trying to go back will go to zero but then I can't even Play anymore -- Play just goes straight to 60 seconds. I tried the GOG version and had similar behavior, except instead of 60 seconds it d
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