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  1. i asked this on another topic and agree with alot of you, its one of those iconic pieces for the battle of berlin... however, i also feel for the lack of transports. we don't even have a sdkfz 7 or 9 for the 88..sadly.
  2. its just these were widely seen in the assault on berlin.
  3. THIS IS JUST SUPERB, looks like great fun, also inspiring that one can make such huge maps.
  4. i see this is about to be closed, and saw big guns mentioned. and not fully reading every post, i will just ask lol... will we see the likes of the russian big beast 1931 210mm gun? usually seen on its own treads etc...?
  5. you'd be amazed to learn what you can do with a potatoe, or more over, what someone would do for said potatoe. :: Potatoe.
  6. awesome stuff, nice to see the editor getting some more content to..can't wait for this, love red thunder
  7. how does one add the mods into the cmx1 series? i remember there was some sort of importing software etc?
  8. +1 from me , in any combat scenario, the ability to mount onto a tank is a must.
  9. i've just purchased the game from GOG.Com and it comes with its own installer / game manager similiar to steam... i would assume the folders are still on the pc so you could still mod them i would think
  10. Hi all, just another quick question about old CM1, can we still mod the game via gog installer?
  11. Hi all, thought id go back for some old skool gaming, game installed fine and i had to use the no cd patch etc, because for some reason even tho i installed it via the cd it needs to read for the game it would'nt read it apon starting game up...now its working and showing the missions the in game gameplay is dreafully slow...unplayable in my eyes, anyone know any work arounds etc cheers Norm
  12. I didn't find the version of paint i have as easy as that, only found a crop section, which would let you choose a pixel dimention within the picture, so as soon as you select 170x170, you only get a small part of the original pic, however i found how to do it with infranview, and it also keeps the apsect ratio.
  13. never mind ! lol, i took out the _ and it worked. superb
  14. Hi all! i too am having this issue with overlay, i use infranview, the image is already stating 24BPP, ?
  15. ok, so how the hell (lol) do you get a picture down to such low resolutions for the title screen image? 170x170 ? are we serious? lol
  16. sorry, it was the multi sampling that was doing it. sorted. i have windows 10 which does have a screen capture option, but i also have the XBOX dash thingy, to get xbox games on pc, works like a charm in capturing video and pictures...
  17. wow, awesome. thank you so much, your approach will do for me, as long as its readable and works lol... thanks again.
  18. i didn't realise there was one? i think i can sort the mission building and ai plans out, but its more the briefings etc, maps, and pictures etc
  19. A little late to this post but I too would love to make missions look more official etc. Is their an in-depth tutorial some where? I saw one was mentioned?
  20. Wasn't expecting to see this here. But yes. I love sabaton. Seen them live several times.
  21. Where do I find more information? The original series holds a gold spot in my heart. Played it to death, and was totally in love when they released Normandy cm2. Am a huge fan of all their work. Especially how they keep updating the engine. It's a unique game and deserves to be around. Got my fingers crossed for their plan to do early war . . Happy to see someone love a game that isn't a Class A title. I mean to me it is... But I find the top a list games either disappointing or just so short. I always come back to combat mission. Norman.
  22. THANKS A MILLION! this fixed the menu weirdness i was experiencing , however, i now have blury ground textures? anybody experience this also? i did try and grab picture but the windows 10 screen shot didn't work...oddly..
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