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  1. Could have sworn I had installed the latest driver. Thank you guys for the tips - my issue has been resolved. Cheers!
  2. When starting up the game the screen goes black, the menu music can be heard and the mouse pointer changes to the CM:BS one. Using the integrated GPU the game starts up just fine, but it's borderline unplayable for me due to the atrocious resolution. Here's my specs. Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 7700HQ @ 2.80GHz= Kaby Lake 14nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1197MHz (17-17-17-39) Motherboard LENOVO Provence-75I (U3E1) Graphics Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics 630 (Lenovo)
  3. I'm constantly checking the forums just so I can read your SITREPs. Truly captivating stuff! Thank you.
  4. That'd suck for me since I only play in 'real time'. Now if you excuse me, I'll go into hiding due to my blasphemous choice of gameplay style.
  5. As a DNR supporter how do you feel about poorly made Russian/pro-Russian propaganda about Baltic female snipers, Apache attack helicopters, Abrams tanks and F-22s taking part in Ukraine's civil war, black mercenaries abusing inhabitants of Donetsk? Ukrainian side is not the only one that has made abysmal and mendacious claims.
  6. Awesome! Just extracted one of the maps I was dying to play around with. Many thanks!
  7. That's a shame - some of the campaign maps are extremely well done and having them available as standalone would be highly appreciated.
  8. What map is that? If it's a custom one - mind sharing it?
  9. There's no need to project your own inadequacies to others and I sincerely hope you can come to a realization that there might be other reasons for someone to ask for such graphic videos (videos that yet again showcases the cruelty of pro-Russian combatants) besides one being a 'morally empty vulture'.
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