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  1. That's essentially how I've been doing it. I set up the vehicles I'm going to use for the mission at the gate, then dismount everyone behind the wall and start the mission, assess safety of the perimeter and then mount the vehicles and through "judicious use" of pause and slow I eventually get out of the gate and on mission.
  2. May I suggest lengthening the base by one action square to give a bit wider of a laneway for the humvees to exit the base between the Wall and the main gate? It may alleviate some of the pathway issues. I've had to restart a mission a few times from the vehicles getting bogged into the trench lmao
  3. I found the mission begins before your men leave the COP. Getting your men outside the COP and on mission can be an ordeal in of itself. You have to watch for snipers and MG's firing into the COP. Establishing security around the COP and coming up with a concise plan for your platoon that includes how to get your units out of and into the COP quickly and efficiently with minimal exposure to fire is paramount to success. My only issue so far is mostly to do with the mechanics of the game - getting the vehicles out can be something of a chore sometimes. But you're obviously limited in what
  4. I'm enjoying this campaign immensely. This needs to become a standard. I love the concept your running with here with a small unit on a single AO, and I'd love to see more these sorts of campaigns, perhaps with one of the other modules next? 9/10 (because nothing deserves a 10) Well done! Edit: About 1/4 through mission 3.... Just took my first casualty. I'm really feeling some frustrations with the tactical situation, and I'm finding I have to radically rethink where the mission "begins" for my units. This is truly outstanding.
  5. I order the Abrams across the bridge and it glitches out and basically rubber bands back and forth 3/4s of the way across the bridge. I'm able to reverse it back out, but it won't cross over.
  6. speaking as a former infanteer, I'm all over any sort of vehicle I can throw all of my heavy **** into. My back loves LAV's
  7. Indeed. If you're expecting contact of any kind your troops should be dismounted. It may seem crazy but your troops actually have a better chance of survival dismounted in a field than in the back of a vehicle or god forbid ontop of a tank. The only time I can see myself wanting to use a leo for transport would be if I'm trying to casevac a critically wounded casualty and I cant drag/carry him out of there. A lot of things since ww2 have changed. The way things were back then was very "from-the-hip" or ad-hoc. Most weapon systems were brand new and cutting edge technology for their nations at
  8. Weird. We got rid of the 60's by the time I got to battalion, But I can tell you that at the time they were definitely not treated as adhoc as it appears to be in this. 60's were part of the infantry, even the 81's were until we gave them up to the artillery and they took our .50 cals and gave us an automatic grenade launcher I never saw, let alone used, my entire military career. Short of it? We need some extra rounds in the vehicles. 18 60mm mortars per platoon is barely enough to harrass a machinegun.
  9. The on map 60's for the mech infantry battalion seem great but their vehicles don't appear to carry any extra ammunition, and I can't seem to find any vehicle carrying it in the QB selection
  10. So it shows all the campaigns in the game, are they all playable?
  11. Are those Teeth made of missiles? And why does lady liberty have a gag ball? Who knew freedom had kink?
  12. I used to shoot at PLQ dummies on patrol in drive-by's in the ol' milcots haha Those silverados are absolute trash. Pretty much every vehicle we have is garbage except the leos and LAV's. Some folks seemed to love the bison and cougar but I never operated with them. Says a lot about us when we take the absolute dumpster fire the government leaves us with, and the magic we work with in in theatre. Meanwhile on exercise nothing works and everyone is miserable.
  13. What are the holes in the sword for? Please tell me they set that thing on freaking fire EDIT: I just did some cursory research on the statue. Apparently they cut holes in it because the wind was causing structural damage. I preferred my ignorance, believing the Soviets built a giant warrior woman with a freaking flaming sword
  14. You'd be surprised how many people get that messed up even with it stamped on it... What's the army like? Find a group of cats that have never seen each other before. Now herd them. for 2018 version if you use your crook you get charged
  15. My thoughts and sentiments exactly. If the AI or enemy player took the fort and the scenario required them to hold it for a certain amount of time, then I guess such a strategy would be pretty fair, but without that, it seems quite gamey. At that rate you might as well save and ceasefire to see enemy positions.
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