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  1. Not a big fan of clutter so I was wondering if there is any advantage of buying the hard copy over just the digital download? Thanks
  2. Thanks folks Right now, maybe BA is what I'm looking for. Don't think I want a "thinking man's" game...right now. I can get BA and the Mega Pack for $30 and play around with it. When I'm ready for the "hunkering down" game, I'll get into CM Thanks
  3. Greetings! Avid WW2 nut here who is just getting into war gaming. I'm a 20+ yrs MMO'er (fantasy) and that bridge has been crossed and I want to game the rest of my years in the world war 2 era! I'm buying Siltherine's Battle Academy to first wet my appetite in the ww2 turn based word. I know equipment, I have a good understanding of tactics, I know the leaders, the battles, but I've never, ever gamed a second in a world war 2 PC game. Can you pro's out there recommend to me what would be a intermediate game to try that's in-between Battle Academy and the Combat Mission 2 games? Other than the
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