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  1. I just got red thunder in the mail and installed it. While it was installing this came up \users\appdata\local\temp\temp\1_cmredthunder.zip\*.brz does not exist" I then proceeded and the installation finished. I ran the game and the screen was black. Did the installation have anything to do with this or the same windows 10 problem? i just want to play my game.
  2. Thanks for the info. I did make exeptions but for some reason it did not work. Ill give avast a try, not going back to AVG
  3. Hello. I have been playing combat mission since Barbarossa to Berlin and I have never had a issue with the series until my AVG antivirus updated and would not let me play battle for Normandy commonwealth. The original game still worked and I updated with the patch and still nothing worked so I gave up. Long story short I just got a new computer and purchased red thunder. Are there any antivirus programs that will not interfere with the game? Thanks.
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