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  1. Hi there, I'm overwhelmed by the number of prepackaged scenarios in the complete CMBN. I don't have a lot of time, so I am playing PBEM with a friend. Quick battles have been fun but it seems many of the scenarios are used in AAR's and they always seem a bit more interesting to me. Is there a good way of choosing scenarios for H2H? A list or a ranking of them (this sounds silly I know). Many times you need to load the mission to know if the author intended it for H2H. If I had all the time in the world we'd slowly try them all, alas, I do not. Thanks, Matt
  2. Yeah nothing has changed but an update to 4.0. So I really doubt its gfx drivers. I will try though. Alt-tab and screen saver minimize game to a tiny bar that can't be opened. I'm starting to think Battlefront needs more technical staff. Everytime I want to sign into the forum I need to reset my password....that or they dislike me!
  3. Well I also found out that if I walk away for a few minutes, or use my phone to read up on a unit, and my screen saver starts. The game minimizes into a tiny bar that I can no longer open and I need to ctr-alt-del to close and have to start over again. Awesome.
  4. Just installed 4.0 update on RT. I can no longer ALT-TAB, which is pretty big bummer considering how long a CM game takes. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. I had the flickering icons issue. I don't remember the red triangles flickering. As with SgtHatred, my enemy contact (?) icons did not flicker. I'm running GTX 980 Ti SC+
  6. Just wanted to add a +1 to the flickering icon issue. In each game they've disappeared completely the longer I play and the more I move the camera. no saves but only in TCP/IP games. Not sure it's related to minefields moving during a reload of TCP/IP saves, but I have had all my TRP's move to my spawn locations. VERY frustrating when you are facing a heavily entrenched enemy!
  7. I am playing a multiplayer game, so each one is a steep learning curve, definitely did not know about trench's and bunker although I should have guessed. I will probably reduce the amount of rifle squads I purchase in the future, add some more specialized units. Are flame throwers ok moving through dense woods? There is a small rise leading up to the woods, so my approach is covered until I am there, but then under intense fire as soon as I peak my head.
  8. So that opening barrage I need soem TRP? What artillery would you advise? Also what soviet units can fire smoke? My infantry battalion mortars don't appear to carry smoke which is a real bummer. I wasted a number of tank shells creating smoke/dust in the middle of a field, alas my men retreated due to other fire unrelated to bunker.
  9. So I am new to multiplayer CM, and not used to picking units nor am I a very good player. Anyway I've played a few games now were I have trouble taking strategic forests where my enemy is dug in. In my current game the woods have numerous trench facing my spawn direction filled with nasty german troops. On the back side of the woods is a bunker that is covering my approach to the objective. Basically if I avoid the woods, I am mowed down by a bunker/MG42 on it's back side, which can see across the narrow map. However taking the woods has just forced my troops into full "rattled" and retreats. Is there particular equipment that is effecting in blasting through woods and trenchs? Also there is a huge variety of artillery which may have helped with the bunker (you can't see it until you are on the backside and pinned by a hail of bullets from various angles so there would be no spotting, TRP only) is certain artillery better for effectively penetrating forests? Demoralizing
  10. I'm going to shoot that chicken. I thought it meant the full version was up and ready.
  11. George MC and BarbaricCo, Are you guys using FXShine or War Movie mod standard presets or have you tweeked them from the standard downloads? The screen shots look amazing!
  12. I'm just excited for this game No criticism or negativity or anything else implied
  13. .....damn so now when is it actually released
  14. The pre-order is up! Soooo, other than a physical copy why not just wait for digital download to be available? Just curious.
  15. THE AGONY! It's flip-flopping. Maybe it's just all of us checking at once overloading the vacuum tubes?
  16. Oh man the store just came back on and I don't see anything new and awesome
  17. And now I won't have buyers remorse having just purchased Red Thunder in order to sate my desire to play CMFB.
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