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  1. This map looks amazing! Where do you find cars in the flavor objects. The only vehicle I saw was the forklift. Can you change it like building facades?
  2. Doh! I will fix that. Thanks for taking a look at it.
  3. Good evening, I had a thread about a QB map that has since evolved into a scenario. So I decided to make a new thread. Scenario time is 45 minutes, blue vs AI only. Link below. This has been a good learning experience so far and if anyone would like to playtest and give any feedback on my AI plans, force size/structure, or the map itself, I would really appreciate it. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-black-sea/battle-of-concord/ Thanks, Chris
  4. I have the same issue. Game doesnt start. I dont see any issue in the opengl32 txt file that is created. No notes of crash or a failure etc. I think its a dx issue. Couldnt find a similar issue in the reshade troubleshooting forum.
  5. 2 of those 4 casualties were from RPGs on approach and after I had begun laying fire on a building that had one of those RPG teams in it. Being behind the curve on force preservation parameter, will have to be careful.
  6. @Combatintman just started playing this scenario, about 20 minutes in. Have taken objectoves V and Z so far with 1st platoon and took 4 casualties in the process. 2nd and 3rd platoons are coming up for the assault on objectives W, X, and Y. Will probably send 3rd platoon to scout ahead at U. Having great fun with it so far. Those 51mm mortars are very handy for some quick smoke to cut sight lines before moving. Thanks for posting this!
  7. I saw that and was pretty amazed. Looking forward to that Turkish army pack, many more scenario possibilities. Was hoping that I hadnt struck the wrong chord bring in up a second US civil war. Just thinking in terms of flexibility.
  8. Definitely going to do this in the future when I am tight on AI slots. Fortunately I reworked the redfor OOB and came up with a pretty solid result. Cutting them down numerically because a full infantry company reinforcing wasn't necessary for the fight to be brutal with the Bn recon company starting in defensive positions. Learning triggers helped a lot with the appearance of AI reactions and timing of movement. As far as units go there is only veterancies to adjust. I will be uploading an updated version in a few days to the Google drive folder. Have a briefing ready now. Been struggling with the briefing graphics templates but mainly due to lack of experience in editing such things amd realizing some support weapons aren't represented. Slowly working it out.
  9. Wasn't the MG5 (HK121) set to replace the MG3? It is in service. Are there production issues that prevent full replacement? Or are the Germans reluctant to retire the old warhorse?
  10. So ive been thinking about a few things that would add a lot of of flexibility to scenario creators. 1. Uncons/militias - this has been talked about quite a bit. It is relevant to the setting of the game. But also Ive had the thought of using Black Sea to simulate a second US civil war. Which brings me to my next suggestion. 2. Semi-automatic rifle variants - this goes back to the US civil war scenario. Being that these are widely proliferated in the US, would make a great deal of sense. No new models required, since every infantry rifle is available here in some semi auto variant or another. My only question, and i doubt this, is that can that be done through modding? What would it require to accomplish the implementation? Any thoughts on this? Chris
  11. Should work nicely when i get some time to load up the task force panther campaign again. Thanks!
  12. Great questions, some had occurred to me. Others hadn't. I have uploaded a standalone scenario version of the map to the google drive folder in the OP. With basic AI plans. I've played through a few times and made some force/AI plan adjustments. What started out as a meeting engagement evolved into a blue attack scenario. There are Russian recon units already in the area ahead of the government building objectives that blue must seize. Seemed like a better way to get the action started early was to have Russian recon ambush US infantry maneuvering to the objectives. Red has reinforcements on map as the scenario begins and they make their way to reinforce the recon forces. The problem I'm having is getting the AI to get their reinforcing infantry into position quick enough to make a difference, and without putting themselves in compromising positions. Also, would it be a good idea to put the company/platoon HQ's in different AI Plan groups to give them 'safer' advance orders? I noticed they were pretty easy to pick off and generally led the charge in.
  13. I loaded up a small scenario called small gain and was pleasantly surprised to see the AI seemed much more aggressive than I recalled. Felt that it was much more difficult.
  14. I saw enhanced Challys take multiple hits to the face in SF1 and keep dishing out punishment themselves. Hits the regular challenger wouldnt have been able to take. Same with SEP abrams and the M1A1SA. The differing levels of protection are definitely modeled. At least in my experience it is very apparent.
  15. You should have a download link in your email. Are you sure the email didnt go to a spam folder or you set up the account with a different email address? Happened to me once.
  16. Have loaded up your map before to check it out. What a monster! Beautiful map man, nice work.
  17. Did you buy the 1.21 upgrade or the paradox to BF patch? If so try those.
  18. Just bought the big bundle upgrade, annnnnnddddd wont get to enjoy it for a week or so. Seems to always work this Way. Excited nonetheless. Liked what y'all did there with the subtle release.
  19. Made some of the changes you suggested, removed most of the balconies, and added some uniformity to some of the areas where it makes sense. Also added some buildings/walls to the map where it was a little naked. Removed some connected independent buildings, fences around some houses. I've uploaded the updated version to the drive folder. I'm going to be out for 5 days to go camping. I'm going to try and make a basic AI plan for red when i get back so play testing can begin. The basics seem pretty easy, need to read up on the more complex aspects of planning.
  20. Yep, sure is (Boot/Trunk, Trolley/Cart haha). I tried having the wall removed completely, I didn't like how it looked. I do prefer function over form though. Balconies not working as cover, can they work as concealment? Say for scout units using it for observation? I'm going to fiddle with it a bit before work, while i take out the other balconies on the map.
  21. Yeah the neatening and tidying up I will do in the next week. Also I'm sure some things will need to be tweaked as i playtest the map, looking for pathfinding issues and such. I did clean up a few elevation issues that were affecting modular building connections. I should know better on the balconies from my tiem spent playong shock force. Always got shredded if I happlessly sent troops onto balconies. That will be remedied. I do have a question though. I put a structure on the map that is supposed to be a parking deck. I used balconies to give it this look. Is there a better alternative?
  22. Got a progress update for yall. More or less done adding buildings and such to the map, just need to add a few things to the south side of the map, throw out some flavor objects here and there. Uploaded more screenshots to the google drive folder. Also need to revisit building connections and make sure everything is good there. The shot with the setup zones is just a rough estimate of how i would like to set them up. Noticed i had slightly favored red on the distance to the objectives. Guess I can artificially mitigate this by bumping out the blue deployment area a little bit. Also uploaded a copy of the map to the drive folder if anyone wants to check it out and throw any suggestions my way. I'm sure I overlooked something.
  23. Hey everyone, I've attached a link to a QB map I am working on for Black Sea. It is for company sized urban infantry battles. Also there is a link to a google drive folder that I will update as I go along. Should make it easy for anyone to see how its going, and avoid the file upload size limits of the forums. Upon completion of this I would like to try my hand at AI plans to make this into a scenario. So far, I have mostly completed the construction of the 2 main objectives and some of the areas surrounding them The buildings have all of their interior connections so infantry can make their way through as needed. I have taken some creative privilege with the objective buildings and a few other things so far. Mainly with placement of the government center to be more inline with the police station towards the middle between the two deployment zones. The other was the omission of the large building on the eastern side of the map in the attached image. This is a huge basketball court complex I just can't see a reason to include. I will either sub it out with a smaller building or turn it into some wooded terrain. If anyone has other ideas on that I am open to them. Also made it to changing some of the elevations before placing buildings, had to fidget with it a little after placement, but so far it looks good and at least is similar to how the land lays in real life. My plan for the middle of the map, where it gets quite congested, is to omit a few of those buildings, creating some extra alley ways for maneuver. Maybe creating groups of 2 or 3 buildings with some room in between. Both sides will have covered approaches to one of the objectives via wooded areas. I'm hoping this creates a need for the middle to be fought over in H2H if someone were to give that a go. Deployment zones have been placed north and south. This was mostly just me checking out placing them. Will probably move them to the NE and SW corners, mostly to force the issue of controlling the middle for direct approach to the objective furthest from either sides deployment zone. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1scLEy00dDlNoxBER9JTOUtDrVDe9xala Thanks to everyone who gave pointers and links to useful reference materials, there is so much out there it is almost overload. I'm gonna keep truckin on this.
  24. As I've added objects to the map, I haven't noticed significant increase in load times. Maybe a second or tow. Still a lot to add though. I've added the elevations I wanted for specific parts of the map. I am going to start a new thread in the CMBS mods forum with my progress on this QB map. Have made some good headway.
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