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  1. This song really puts me in the mood for some Cold War. It really speaks to me and shows how brave our soldiers were to take on the mighty Soviet Union.
  2. Ok i replayed the mission. Its the SPG in the white 2 story building on the left of the road making Olympic level shots across the lake. Hit the same big green boat first again. Id upload the pics but the files are too big to post. Maybe if I move my boats along the right side of the lake instead of the left? EDIT: The right side worked out way better.
  3. Was the difficulty ramped up in this version? This seems way harder than before. 2nd Battle of Ikke I lose all 3 of my boats on my way to support my infantry. The big green one blows up almost immediately spawning in.
  4. Just got back into your mod. I gotta say this is some serious gourmet ****! The one mission where you gotta protect the missionaries was crazy!
  5. I love the fact that you’re still using CMA assets since I just got back into CMA. It’s definitely a slept on game. Question: I feel like I read up on this awhile ago but I don’t remember. Is it possible to make a second copy of SF2 and have it solely devoted to your mod? Going back and forth between your mod and it’s pack and the modern SF2 mods becomes a pain.
  6. I would’ve asked for an updated CM:A but I don’t think that’s possible with the whole licensing issue but never say never. Although I will compromise with Yugoslavia or Chechnya.
  7. If we could all agree on a Chechnya/Grozny add on then that’d be great.
  8. I can’t tell if it’s all in my head or the Mujahideen is super accurate at taking out my troops. Might be the high rate of scoped FN FALs and I’m stuck with iron sight AKs?
  9. I was surprised just from the first mission for the first campaign. I usually take my losses in stride but it got so bad right off the bat I had to restart lol.
  10. With CW being announced this just sparked my interest again with the Cold War era. I got CMA right as I was getting into CM years ago but was still fairly new to the series. I’m having another go at it and applying what I’ve learned over the years and damn it does this game have some badass missions.
  11. If it is then that’s one of my favorite missions. The one where you have troops on a mountain peak and you have to get a convoy down the road at the mountain base?
  12. Reading these forums made me get back into CM:A too. I was worried it’d be too old to play but it’s just fine and I remember there being quite a few missions in here that were just phenomenal.
  13. Question: When I want to go back to modern day Shock Force how do I uninstall the mod?
  14. Having a lot of fun with the mod man! So glad to finally see jungle warfare in CM.
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