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  1. hah,well limiting opponents movement is not acceptable imo. moving by the edges can be dangerous.you can put mines and bam,fancy abrams gone edit: something like this https://youtu.be/Jat7sdQSx1Q?t=106 i am not napoleon, i just listen to him
  2. MAP this will happen turn 1 or 2, depending on the speed of abrams tanks http://imgur.com/9TFNExx
  3. NOTE: noone should share this info with sublime, nor his info with me. (check his side of the story) this is my first time doing DAR so it might not be on the same standard(long ,tidy and with perfect english) of the previous DARS ( maybe) but tactics/strategy will be presented clearly comments are welcome,aswell as advices ----------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------------- BATTLE: Medium MAP: LARGE BLUE PROBE Time: 1hour Clear rarity:standard EW:no TURN: ZERO,deployment INITIAL PLAN: 1) 3 platoons of abrams tanks will pierce Sublime's defenses.they will move on the extreme left
  4. i have a problem, i keep getting deployed at your deployment, tried 2 times now, turned of Cmh aswell , how do i fix this? also dont worry about thread,knowing where your enemy is just kills whole point of combat mission edit:i didnt exit the purchasing screen during any moment,but bug still happened
  5. ok i ll attack. lets do without restrictions on aps (just to make it harder for you to know what i ll pick) . i ll send the file in 30m-1h
  6. ok lets play. same map as in my previous battle? its large map, medium funds? day,clear,1hour
  7. i just finished a battle with russian player. 50 soldiers out of combat, 2 bmp3s , 2 t90am(edit) , whole right flank destroyed into oblivion, ready to push the unprepared center , my loses are 8 men in total out of combat (counting Wia and kia)+ targeting on abrams is red/knocked out ,but he managed to destroy 1 t90am after that lol... , other 6 abrams are unscratched,, he surendered. yes its not impossible to beat US army in this game,but its far harder than it should be. i ordered fast command for abrams tanks and when poor at 14 lased them, abrams just threw smoke (+ i ordered them at
  8. when taken out of context intentionally yes
  9. send 9 t90s vs 5 abrams, even outflank them 1 turn(abrams will turn around in 3 seconds and insta rape t90), they will all die, ofcourse unless they are elite +2 fanatic , but then they are 5% more expensive than abrams veterans so it ll be 5v5 at best,and elite skill is helping 0% when it comes to armour,been testing many times concentration of forces during attack (mobile tanks) is a valid tactic btw, just pwned some poor russians this turn (pbem) that way , hit and retreat. and if he had some t90s in my line of sight,they would be dead by now edit: my point: optics,armour of abrams are
  10. ive read entire post, my points are: t90am is 480+ , abrams i 660+, thats not 2:1, and considering 1 abrams can take out 2-3 t90s.... (yes i know,tactics,but we are talking pure balance/power) russian Sturm AT is a joke,a bad joke,a very very bad joke khrizantema is i duuno,it can deal damage,but its spoting is not as good as m1a2's and its armour is a bad joke , in real battle,with trees and obstacles its not efficient enough Russian tanks , t90 series, are just not good enough to do anything, i really duuno how would you beat a competent player who takes abrams tanks, and t90 in combinatio
  11. i dont see it as aggressive at all, your quotes are little out of context, when you look at the whole sentence then it doesn't sound aggressive
  12. why do we have to form 2 factions and fight. thread was fairly neutral at the start, my opinion is that russians are not quite well represented in comparison to americans,in this specific theatre (fictional) but i am also welcoming information regarding why they are represented in this way, even if that info will make me wrong
  13. i am also interested why is it like this,its not a pure attack on bfc. but some things are really suspicious
  14. 0) since BFC decided to implement trophy (Active protection system) for m1A2 versions of the abrams,which is not implemented right now ,or wasnt back then when Black sea came out, or at the very least it wasnt done on a large scale, why don't russians have optics for ak74m , or at least, at the very least,why dont some* russian soldiers have it. what is the argument for that 1) abrams seems to be too good tank, or maybe i should say t90 seems like a junk (arguments like: yes america is far superior are not arguments) only real hint i could see for that being the case (murca far superior in t
  15. solved. here are the links 3rd post
  16. last time he wrote anything was 8th june, i doubt he ll even see it
  17. hd files ,sure, can make catastrophic,potentially outocomes,if you go crazy with the resolution, but who sane would do that. i remmber that i had a very bad gpu, and was using all aris mods, performance was affected not 1% , but 0%, sometimes i even thought (although it was ilusion) that it runs better with his mods (texture mods) , Models are what truly this game is about. you say they dont have time to make pkp and pkm at least sound decent enough, its hard for me to believe that and thing about number of hours,capitalism and all that, well that aint an excuse . Because* we live in a 'real
  18. can anyone post a dropbox (or any) link here so we can download it (someone who already has it) thanks mod or mods is/are : veins russians , veins ukranians for CMBS
  19. point about pc requirements is not valid since only textures are being changed (and they can change performance up to 10% even on a pc from 1860s ,and its not like many ppl actaully have those kind of pcs, i am seeing her r9s and gtx 970s ) ,also vanila sounds like pkm pkp, are just pure lazyness theres no excuse for such evil. other vanila sounds are ok-ish, but not good
  20. can anyone PM me or give me link to vein's CMBS ukranians/russians (and maybe americans if they exist) thanks this is the mod http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/Vein71/Russkies_zps01415f3a.jpg (hes been inactive for 4 months)
  21. ok ill pm you today with all the info
  22. looking for active opponents for cmbs ihave dropbox and cmhelper i can play either side iam also up for turn based wego via hamahchi, up to medium size, its saveable ,same as pbem replay or pm me for more info
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