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  1. That's an easy one. As your tone increases in a dismissive and increasingly insulting tone, so does mine. Especially given that you are customer support, I find how you speak to others on this forum who disagree with you very surprising at times. I almost feel an obligation to speak up at times because you will hammer people relentlessly who disagree with you until they are bullied into submission. For example, it is probably not appropriate for an admin to say these things: or I'm not even going to get into how you speak to Vlad. That man has the patience of a saint.
  2. But my poor pixelTruppen. I feel so personally responsible each time I accidentally send some to their doom
  3. Right on schedule lol. You talk to me as if I have no appreciation of these things -- I would have thought by now it would be clearly obvious I have worked in software development. At what point did I ever say I wanted this now, or it had to be done? Never. I'm pretty sure I have made frequent comments appreciating the devs are likely overloaded with stuff. Did I give a suggestion to throw in the queue (because a LOT of people have talked about this before I said a word), and some ideas how to implement it? Yup. I seriously laughed out loud at this one, I was going to say it
  4. While I understand you cannot resist disagreeing with me on virtually every post, this is becoming comical. So we already have a 'split scout team' function, 'split squad', 'split anti tank', but for some reason, a 'split commander' method would totally ruin this game and is a crazy corner case that is a totally unreasonable request. Okay then lol.
  5. A corner case is something that happens outside of normal operating procedures. It seems that this issue is big enough now that most of us who play as the Russians (and read this forum) split off scout teams or buy sniper teams to correct an obvious flaw in Russian doctrine with our own tactics. (maybe the Russian army would benefit from playing Black Sea, you should see if you can hook up a bulk 'training' purchase from them ) Exactly! That is what the players were asking for! They want to adapt their tactics to have better spotting, and are asking for a means to do this. Perhaps
  6. lol, I am aware of this. If you read the comment in context, it was that Battlefront is not above hacking things to make game play (and their coding load) easier for all of us. I do get disagreeing with me is fun though Adding a "Split leader" function as you suggested is also another workaround I would be happy with. I was just putting suggestions that I thought might be easiest for you guys to do, since there are only 2 coders.
  7. Battlefront kind of hacked the loading of Bradleys to fit into their program without major overhauls. They could also do a hackish solution and just put a crew member in the vehicle in that position to do the spotting, or turn on some boolean flag to tell the engine to treat all the BMPs as if they had a commander in that position for spotting, even when empty. No idea how they've coded it, that just sounds easiest if they want to address it. The sniper team, or splitting off a scout team works, but is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Even if it's not totally accurate, I would prefer
  8. Wow, they certainly have their hands on some impressive research material. I swear the eastern front has an infinite number of stories, there seems to always be new things to learn, new accounts to hear.
  9. I saw this on the wiki article about Battlefront: "On July 1, 2010, battlefront hired Phillip Culliton as a "First Second Programmer" after operating for 13 years with a single coder. " ONE coder and now TWO? I'm going to cut Battlefront a ton of slack, and I'm now more impressed with the work they have done.
  10. lol, no need, we sell it all to the U.S. anyways.
  11. In fairness to Russia, this is because they are ridiculously dependent on oil. 70% of their exports and over half their GDP is oil. The price has gone from $145 a barrel to $30. They have been hammered by the Saudi's deciding to drive the price of oil down in late 2014. This is almost a repeat of the 80s. In the 70s, oil prices were really high, and the Russian economy masked a lot of weaknesses with this oil money -- things like a growing enormous black market most people were taking part in. Then the price of oil collapsed in the 80s, and the Russian economy got wrecked. The old s
  12. I think in the long game, Russia's economy can't compete with the West's. I think they are going to wreck their country in the long run if they try to keep playing this game at this level of commitment. The cost is insane. America can get away with the level of funding they spend on the military because their economy is so big, their currency so wide spread, there are ... different economic rules when it comes to the American economy and everyone else. They could borrow money to keep it up infinitely longer than the Russians can. I get that being a world power and not being as ... res
  13. For sure. At the end of the day, they or their proxy pulled the trigger, they are the ones (in my opinion) that should apologize and pay damages (although that is impossible, no country is ever going to fully pay for collateral damages, most of our countries would go bankrupt if that were the case). Whoever put the plane in that area in the first place -- well, if there is a law covering that type of negligence, I would definitely prosecute. go 'noles!
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