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  1. Yes, you can make the AO as ,,dense" as you want, I know that, for example battle of Stalingrad, Berlin,etc, but I am asking because of the opposite thing, what happens when you have too little forces? For example could a company advance on a frontage of 1 to 1.5 kilometers or is that too much? Sometimes I just feel like the map is too big for my units to cover it (even after reinf. come), maybe because I am a noob, but still.. Also here's one kind of related question that may ask my original question, let's imagine this, in real life let's say that a brigade is advancing into enemy territor
  2. I have 2 questions, so I'll ask them here instead of opening a new thread, 1. what's the best way to fight with squads in very close range, in buildings,etc..., in other words, what commands to use? I always have problems with that, for example I've played CMSF today, all patched up and had 6 soldiers walk into a building, with the assault command or slow command and there was this single terrorist with an AK literally in the middle of the room and my soldiers just walked next to him, less than 2 meters from him, they didn't even stop for a second to shoot at him and they acted like he doesn't
  3. Sorry I kind of wrote the question the wrong way, I understand the 1 or 2 echelon option thing and that you can use it everywhere, but what I want to know is entrenchement and which units actually entrench and which ones don't, let's say that you have a corps, it has 3 divisions, two divisions are in the front and one is in the back, now, which units here entrench, all (all subunits in both first and 2 echelon divisions) or only some at the front (for example some or all subunits in the first echelon divisions, but none in the ,,third" second echelon division)?
  4. This may be a stupid question, but when an ,,army" (for example 3 corps) is defending, do all of its subunits, all brigades, divisions,etc. dig in and get in a defensive 1 or 2 echelon formation or do only the battalions or brigades that are in the front do that, while the remaining units don't dig in at all (for example the division or corp that isn't in the first echelon) ?
  5. So which ones do you know? Doesn't matter if it is a strategy, fps,etc, as long as it is at least somewhat realistic, modern ones are preferred, but it can be even ww1, a editor is a huge plus. I always wanted to be able to say which country would win in a hypothetical war, so I started looking at modern strategies, games in which I can play out scenarios I create myself and simply see ,,which side would win", here are some games I found Combat mission series, which is one of my favorites Men of War with the modern mods, it has a kind of realistic armor system, but a terrible distance system,
  6. Here is a scenario that I had in mind when I asked the question, the first mission in the german campaign in the nato module for shock force, its 2 villages actually, so what should I do here? All units are located on that small setup area, there is that small village down in the valley and that big one to the right, so I have no idea what to do.. (I opened the scenario in the author test mode, so that the enemies can be seen) Let's say just for the smaller village, how should I take it, should I advance on the road or should I spread units both on the road and next to the road in a line/wedge
  7. I have another question that I might as well ask here, instead of opening new threads, its a little complicated question and English is not my native language, but I hope that you'll understand... I don't know a lot about how wars work, so I might be completely wrong, but aren't units like platoons and companies generally supposed to advance in a sort of a line formation? I ask this because in some missions in CM games you have the pre-setup area that is really tight, for example in the center of the edge of the map, instead of covering the entire edge and you have a large force there, compan
  8. Is there a place where I can find some sort of a tutorial on how to fight using the mechanized forces in CM games? I know all the commands and what each button does more or less and how to fight using regular infantry, but I can't find a tutorial on how to use vehicles like bmp, btr, stryker,etc. in coordination with the infantry, like when to dismount (although the common sense would say when you are in reach of an atgm, at gun), like when does infantry go ahead and when next to/behind the IFV's, also where does the tank go if they are present and so on, also its not really the topic, but is
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