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  1. both tanks shot at same time knocking each other out is it possible that a grille can take out an m4 late while on the move? Hit frontal armor of the sherman. All crew kia. Thought that it only had HE how did it still penetrate frontal armor of sherman?
  2. -radio picture for icon axis group items is the American walkie talkie hand held and not the German one.
  3. -AT rifles grenade picture icon for axis group items are the American AT rifle grenade picture and not the German one.
  4. how did u fix the MG hand problem or did you photoshop it?
  5. The only way I know. create a file in your main exe folder called display size.txt if there isn't one. Next in that put yor monitor size such in this format 1920x1200 60 and click save. Yours will be different of course. 60 is the refresh rate.
  6. Take a look at this. A member of the mg team seems to be assisting the sniper somehow. The 2 man sniper team is pictured with the spotter behind the sniper. The sniper team has no binoculars while the mg team does. What do you think is going on? That is pretty far for an mg crew to be.
  7. crews ankle and feet stick out through bottom exposing them to enemy fire, and 50cal gunner kicks out through bottom when open up command is used. sherman 105, back of 50cal goes through crew members head in the hatch
  8. I assumed bf knew and the doors were barricaded or locked, some people would do that, hoping to return some day. The doors were of pretty heavy metal or wood back then no? Are all the front doors unlocked? I have never seen them go around to the back always the opposite.
  9. I experience this commonly, they enter the side facing the enemy. Why do you suspect it's a problem on one game and not the other. I thought all the games were suppose to be on the same page with each other.
  10. -otter armored car crew left arm and back sticking out when open up command used.
  11. engaging troops with an AT gun... Real life ...... wouldn't you just use your rifle for that?
  12. what is happening to the high velocity shell when it hits that type of ground ? I would say it is shattering into shrapnel, also ground could be kicking up rocks and splinters etc. many of the guys are not dying just taken out of action. (incapacitated) Looks normal to me, thats a lot of AT guns!
  13. -different nations have the radio beep tones back instead of the mhz hiss
  14. Fortress Italy: engine 4 v2.11 -on the stuart kangeroo and possibly recon the body sides of the driver and passenger stick through the armor a good amount edit their arms are out just above the tracks if you look closely -same problem on AEC mk II and III when open up command used -pak43 crew sticks through shield when gun has turned. -gun shields of AT guns and flak don't show penetration marks or deflections
  15. Fortress Italy: engine 4 v2.11the free french forces with the revolver, revolver isn't textured.
  16. Good job battlefront! It makes the games that much better. Thanks for that post Wicky. Every time we post a bug they log it, view it, try to replicate it and roll out a fix that doesn't mess other things up. I can't say that is the case for every gaming company out there. Battlefront listens to us. I will try the patches when I have time, enjoying summer and the weather right now.
  17. Thompson was accurate to 50 yards, beyond that not accurate.
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