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  1. Guys. Thanks for the Great Responses. Unfortunately my first PBEM is ending in a total and unmitigated disaster. Swapping units, Supply, role of HQs all were ignored by me and rightfully exploited by my opponent. One more query- My opponent did a BIG NAVAL Rush into the Adriatic Sea- My Austrians have just 3 "Safe port" and 5 overall (2 on borders and can be targeted by land units), i was totally out-gunned and destroyed. Maybe the Austrians can be helped with 1/2 ports. Historically, the Austrian navy didn't sink till the armistice due to NAVAL mines in Adriatic.
  2. Eastern Front Trenches were more like level 1, at-most of level 2 and this should be a cap across Eastern, Serbian and Ottoman theatres, except the Western front, no front saw the expensive trench building taking place. This will automatically result in Russia getting 1-normal and 2-city trench and at most 3-very bad terrain, thus easy to destroy. This is very historical. Second, Russian mobilisation in 1914 is too fast, they couldn't mobilise so fast. Also Russia, Ottomans, all Minors and Italy should be somehow forbidden even level 1 infantry- it represents helmets, mortars etc, these
  3. Hi, would be interested in playing. If ok, choose your side and mail me the turn @ my id. Thanks. i have no clue on the options, leave it to you. I would like the Entente if you don't mind.
  4. Hi all, Bought this game a week ago, playing my first PBEM since yesterday (hate AI plays so just played a couple of small scenarios to understand basics). Some queries- A few things i find odd in this game, not complaining per-se, but historically funny! 1. I saw movement of the Italian Unit in the Replay, they are still not in the WAR!!. 2. Also Ottomans cannot protect their territories in Mesopotamia and Israel-Palestine. 3. There are no naval mines, giving the Entente a HUGE advantage to land anywhere. 4. Also, French need not attack into Alsace headlong, thus negating Schlieffen
  5. @all, A newbie, played against AI but just 2 games, (1 from each side). Have played some WW1 Strategy games like La Grand Guerre/WW1 Gold and The End to all Wars (TEAW) also Commander:great War. Have a good working knowledge of the historical period and the main battles but total newbie with respect to Strategic command. I can play 4-5 turns (at times more, at times less) per week by e-mail. [No clue how to host and what are the various options like SOFT builds]. Would like to play a PBEM if anyone is interested. Either side is ok. shrini.85@gmail.com SC-WW1 Breakthrough 1.05 Patch
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