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  1. Thanks for the upgrade. The Scenarios in the Editor are now listed alphabetical. Makes it so much easier for me. Combat Mission, the best computer game made.
  2. Just got the new CM Fortress Italy update . The scenarios are now alphabetical in the Editor using a MacPro. Great improvement. Thanks John. Combat Mission is a great game and the only game that I play.
  3. NeoHom. I will try that, leave the fort and wait for reinforcements.
  4. In the Scenario Editor the scenarios are not list alphabetically. They are in a random list. This occurs in all of the CM games. Sometimes it is difficult to find my modified scenarios. I am using a Mac.
  5. Today I preordered the big bundle CMSF. I have all of the old modules. I paid full price because CM is the only games I play. I hope the CM is a profit making operation. I enjoy all of their games and hope they make even more. Thanks CM gang.
  6. My original Shock Force does not work since upgrading to a new Mac. I am very interested and would pay the going price for a new version.
  7. Count me in. I will buy the upgrade. This was one of my favorite combat missions games.
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