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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to MikeyD in Youtube battles are starting to drop   
    If y'all  have nothing to say about the Youtube battle videos why don't you just go away. Nobody here finds this entertaining.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Mord in Mord's Red Thunder Portraits Version III RELEASED!!!!   
    Well, it's done. I am not happy with a lot of the portraits as they were the first ones I designed after I changed the style over. BUT I absolutely could not bring myself to redesign everyone of them at this time. I did however redo all the Russians. They are OK for the moment. At some point I may return to the mod and fix everything I dislike. So, here ya go, 2649 portraits!
    I'll provide a Mediafire link until Bootie gets them uploaded onto the site. After that I'll get Elvis to edit the link into this post.
    Have fun!
    What the frig is up with the forum? It won't post my pics anymore. EDITED: figured it out. Gotta do it differently now (PIA).

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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to LukeFF in Panther G vs. IS-2   
    That is 100% false. Please don't share misinformation about the game, because it just ends up confusing people.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Mr.X in WIP: Campaign Pack "Against all Odds"   
    To sum up all the work, I am doing, I have decided to open one thread for my whole project. 
    I will create a campaign pack, including 3 campaigns. Name will be "Against all Odds" in reminescence at an old superb CMBO-Campaign.
    "Tiger Trail"  Belorussia summer 1944
    "Final Hope"  South of Berlin spring 1945
    "Broken Fortress" East Prussia winter 1945
    At the moment, there is enough F&R stuff for players soon after the release. So, estimated arrival time of this pack will be in 12-18 months. 
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to theforger in Rollbahn D Part I, new Campaign   
    Part 1 of the Campaign available for download. 
    Covers the first 48 hours of KG Peiper and nearby units. Should be ready to download thanks to BornGinger's Wordpress advice 😀.
    It should be a relatively straightforward campaign compared to parts 2 and 3. I'm waiting for my copy of a recently discovered and on order book covering Knittel.  
    by Timo Worst, before making some final changes to Part 2 (12x scenarios, all built). 
    Part 3, 17x scenarios are also all built but again waiting on Part 2 before posting.
    Thanks to Rastamon for advice and Kohlenklau for mods included in Baugnez/Malmedy scenario.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Ithikial_AU in Update for Juju's CMRT UI mod   
    Small rough preview... needs more work. Everything texture does have first past though.

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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Redwolf in Air Support says it's "En Route" at the start of the battle?   
    Thank you MikeyD! Well that must explain it! That's interesting to me that the Germans would use forward observers to control air movements on the western front but not the eastern. Does this have historical context? 
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Dr.Fusselpulli in Good German voices   
    I want to say something most users probably will not notice, but it is an amazing Detail, the voices for the German forces are quite good and believable.
    There are a lot of movies or sometimes games with terrible not native voiceactors, but the Soldiers in Combat Mission are sounding very natural.
    Good job @Battlefront.com 👍
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to MikeyD in Air Support says it's "En Route" at the start of the battle?   
    This stumped me for a few seconds then I remembered, we're eastern front WWII here. You've got no ground control over your air assets. If you purchased them or if they're included in the scenario then they're autonomous. The'll arrive in their own time, attack whatever they want (when the opponent or you).
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to weapon2010 in Sherman with the red Soviet Star?   
    Any chance this will happen from you magical modders?
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to t34577685 in YES,russian winter cotton-padded jacket mod!!!!!!   
    1. The strap and medal of the satchel and the badge of the guards are added.
    2. Diversified the types of uniform, each type has 6 kinds of officer coat, 2 kinds of sergeant coat and 9 kinds of soldier coat.
    3.Finally, the most important point!!!!! as same as my greatcoat mod ,I used the belts, medals and other materials from the former Soviet summer uniform mod. If this is not the official product, but the original work of a former mod maker, please tell me, I will delete this post, because it is an infringement.



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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Redwolf in My top three tips in CM2 series   
    Always have a reserve.
    If you use your reserve, form a new one. Even if it's painful.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Jace11 in CMRT F&R BRZ SURFING REPORT   
    Many Thanks again, I had a mod already set up for Final Blitz using sidecaps, that would be activated by the gebirgsjager tag. Just needed to swap in the feldcap model and textures.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to t34577685 in FINALLY,As I said yesterday , I made a mod of the Russian greatcoat!!!!!   
    1. According to some history photo, movies and Osprey picture, I shortened the russian greatcoat ,by adding alpha channel in Photoshop, covering the longer part, and then saving it as a 32-bit BMP file.
    2. The strap and medal of the satchel and the badge of the guards are added.
    3. Diversified the types of uniform, each type has 4 kinds of officer coat, 5 kinds of sergeant coat and 9 kinds of soldier coat.
    4. I tried all kinds of normal maps, trying to increase the three-dimensional sense of the texture when the player turns on shader, but there are no effect. I don't know if it's my file name problem, because I've tried the new and old file name formats, and it's useless. So this time there is no normal map file in the brz package.
    5.Finally, the most important point!!!!! I used the belts, medals and other materials from the former Soviet summer uniform mod. If this is not the official product, but the original work of a former mod maker, please tell me, I will delete this post, because it is an infringement.



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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to mjkerner in Adding m43 caps to Gebirgsjaeger?   
    Btw, it was Jace 11, not t34(with more numbers) who posted a picture on another thread, Anonymous.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to rtdood in New Campaign Release! Operation Undergo - Gris Nez   
    Just wanted to let those that might be interested my campaign ‘Operation Undergo -Gris Nez’ has been finally released! It has been uploaded to the scenario depot and its ready to be downloaded (link is below). I have included some information too as to what it is about and basic requirements. 
    What do I need: CM:BN, CW, Market Garden and Vehicle Pack.
    What forces will I command? 2 Canadian Infantry Battalions, Squadron of Sherman Tanks, 1 Troop of Churchill Crocodile, Petard and Sherman Flails (not all in the same battle do not worry 😉). And a tonne of artillery!  
    How is it meant to be played: Player (Canada) vs German AI 
    What size battles can I expect? About company strength for the most part. A third of the campaign is set at commanding battalion strength. 
    Type of maps: Typically reminiscent of the Calais region. Rolling hills, semi open, semi bocage semi woodland.  
    Historical or not: Semi-Historical
    How long is it? 10 or 11 battles 
    When does it take place: September ’44. 
    What do I get with it? 
    - Northern Master Map 
    - Southern Master Map
    - 25 page Campaign Design Booklet PDF including OOB
    - Picture of Battalion Company movements (was not able to include this in campaign briefing although it is useful for reference)  
    - Campaign Progression Tables (Battle order) 
    Has it been tested? Yes. I have only been able to find people that have been in a position to try the first and second battles respectively – everything thereafter I have tested myself. I have gone through it fully about 7 or 8  times now and feel it is at a point for release. 

    Those that are familiar with the history of Undergo, particularly at Gris Nez will know roughly what to expect. I should mention this my first campaign that I have designed, and as such it does therefore commit some absolute cardinal sins over what really makes an effective engaging campaign, which I have learned from. That being said, if you want a campaign which follows the actions at Gris Nez as accurately as I could get them, well your about to experience the often-forgotten battles for the coastal garrisons in September of 1944.
    And finally…some pictures….  

    Has it put you off from making more campaigns: Absolutely not? Working on the next one already. 
    Download link: CMBN CW: Operation Undergo – Gris Nez (thefewgoodmen.com)
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    Anonymous_Jonze got a reaction from Bufo in My top three tips in CM2 series   
    I agree with this in the most part but sometimes to achieve objectives you have to be aggressive. And sometimes pixeltruppen die. I learned this the hard way playing as the Soviets. I'd lose less men, but I'd always come out with only half a victory due to the objectives.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to waffelmann in Adding m43 caps to Gebirgsjaeger?   
    Don't forget the gebirgsjäger-tag! So it only shows up for the gebirgsjäger!
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to mjkerner in Adding m43 caps to Gebirgsjaeger?   
    It's mostly just a matter of renaming the skeletons.  From memory because I haven't done it in a while--You rename the m43 hat skeletons with the names of the skeletons for the helmets you want replaced. The game will look for smod_german_helmet (whatever), and will grab the hat conveniently now named smod_german_helmet (whatever). You'll need to rename the hat textures/bmps to whatever the helmet textures/bmps are named.
    I think kohlenklau was going to do that helmet/hat swap for his Crete mod and if not, I will later cuz I'm modding it for that mod. Come to think of it, didn't t34(followed by some numbers) already post one he did yesterday? 
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to NeoOhm in Pre-orders for Combat Mission Cold War are now open.   
    Coffee *Check! 
    Beer *Check!
    Wife going to Friends *Check!
    Wife bringing kids with her *Check!
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Aragorn2002 in Update for Juju's CMRT UI mod   
    Thank you very much, Frenchy.
    Now all we need is Mord to turn up with one of his superb divisional icons mods.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Frenchy56 in ZiS gun shield correct angle   
    I was messing around with models and decided to fix the fact that the ZIS gun shields are way too straight. Ironically they're at the correct angle on the limbered model, so I took the gun shields from those.

    Just drop it in your Data/Z folder and you should be fine.
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    Anonymous_Jonze reacted to Frenchy56 in Update for Juju's CMRT UI mod   
    Hello again, with the release of Fire and Rubble I have been working a lot on adapting existing mods to the new module. That includes the great GUI mod by Juju who has sadly ended support for it.
    I have added or adapted weapon icons from other iterations of Juju's mods, as well as branches, ranks, etc. However I will tell you that I have made some changes to it that suit my preference more, so you may have to dig into the files to revert to default.
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